How to See Who Watched Your YouTube Video 2022

As a viewer, have you ever wondered if a YouTuber will be able to find out whether or not you watched a video on their YouTube channel?

Or have you, a content creator on YouTube tried to search for the specific details of those that have watched your videos?

If you ever have, just keep reading because this article will be able to answer your question.

See Who Watched Your YouTube Video

Content creators on YouTube are given access to a lot of useful information about their viewers. This information is not personalized but is presented statistically either using graphs, tables, percentages, numbers or other tools.

So although it is not actually possible to know whether a particular person watched the videos on your YouTube channel, you have so much useful information at your disposal.

The only way you get to know who watched your  YouTube video is when that viewer leaves a comment in the comment section and also when that viewer subscribes to your YouTube channel.

Even at that, if a viewer changed their settings such that their subscriptions are kept private, you really will not be able to tell whether they subscribed to your channel.

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Is it Necessary for YouTubers to Have Details of Who is Watching their Channel?

Getting to know your audience is key to success on YouTube or any other media platform in general.

As a YouTuber, having some details about who watched your videos can give you insight into how you can organically grow your YouTube channel.

So while there is no dashboard on YouTube that shows the personal information of the people that watched your videos unlike Instagram stories or Whatsapp statuses, there is sufficient useful information that you can leverage when making your content creation to optimize your content in a way that will scale your YouTube channel.


What Information do YouTubers Have About Their Viewers?

This information is given as aggregates. It includes age range, gender, how long viewers watched videos on the channel and what device they used.

Also, from the IP (internet protocol) address of the device being used, YouTube Analytics can tell which geographical location, as per the country where most of their viewers are watching from.


How to Access YouTube Analytics Using Various Devices

YouTube Studio is a tool that YouTube content creators use to manage everything about their channels.

Taking into consideration that many content creators will need to access certain information about their viewers to enhance their videos, the platform integrated YouTube Analytics into  YouTube Studio.

This means there is no need to download third-party apps. All that content creators need to do is launch their YouTube Studio and navigate to YouTube Analytics.

There are three ways to sign in to YouTube Studio:

  1. YouTube Studio App: If you have already downloaded YouTube Studio, you can simply launch the app and sign in. From the bottom menu, select “Analytics”.
  2. YouTube Studio Website: You can log in on the YouTube Studio website. Your dashboard will be displayed. On the left side of the menu, tap “Analytics” which may be depicted using an analytics icon.
  3. YouTube app: Launch your YouTube app. On your homepage, tap on your profile picture on the upper right side. From the menu shown, select “YouTube Studio”.  Then click on “Analytics”.

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How to Track YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics offers insight under four broad categories:

  • Audience
  • Overview
  • Content
  • Research
  • Revenue

In this article on how to know who watched your YouTube video, we will focus on “Audience” because it is the most relevant to this topic but we will also brush up a little on the other categories to give you a broad knowledge about them.



This tab shows demographical data of your audience as well as other key metrics. It shows the age, gender, and top geographies of your audience.

The advance tab under this category has a section that shows what type of device (operating system) viewers used to watch your videos, whether iOS, Android, or TV.


Top geographies

This report tells you how many viewers per country and state interacted with your videos.


Age and gender

Understanding this report can help you optimize your videos by creating videos that are useful and relatable to those within the top age group and gender.


Watch time

Here you will be able to see the number of time viewers spent watching your videos. You will see which video got the most views and this shows the kind of content your viewers are interested in.


When your viewers are on YouTube

This metric is essential if you want to schedule a YouTube Live. You will be able to tell what time your viewers are likely to be on the platform.

Scheduling a YouTube live within that time will result in more views and engagement compared to doing it when most of them are not online.


Other videos your audience watched

If you need ideas on what kind of video content to create, finding out other videos your audience watched will be of great help. Because you will know what topic interests them.


Other channels your audience watches

This gives a sneak-peek into other channels your viewers interacted with within the past 28 days. It is just as relevant as knowing other videos they have watched.

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This tab gives a quick summary or snapshot of how well your YouTube channel performed in the last 28 days. It reports the number of views, subscribers and watch time.

It also makes a contrast between your channels’ current and past performance and which of your videos were watched the most.



This shows an aggregate of how most viewers found your videos. A breakdown is given for every category (live, shorts, videos).

You will see your traffic source and be able to tell whether your videos were found by playlist, suggested videos, YouTube search, or from external websites.

You also get to see how many times people saw your thumbnail which is referred to as an impression and what percentage of them clicked to watch the video after viewing your thumbnails.

This gives you an insight into how catchy your thumbnails are.



The Research tab was recently included in YouTube Analytics. This is very key for video content creators who want to attain visibility.

You will see what your viewers are searching for and what every other viewer on YouTube is searching for. Knowing this is a very easy way to choose what topics to focus on.



This tab is for those whose YouTube channels have been monetized, which means that they are members of the YouTube Partner Program.

In the Revenue section, they see reports about their revenue sources, transaction revenue, top-earning video and monthly estimated revenue.

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How to See Who Watched Your YouTube Video FAQs


Google Analytics or YouTube Analytics?

Google Analytics can also be used to monitor the progress of your YouTube channel. But the major drawback is that it does not give as much in-depth analysis as YouTube Analytics.

YouTube Analytics was solely built for YouTube and has so many metrics to offer insight into how to improve your content.

The best thing however is to combine or integrate Google Analytics into your YouTube account.


How accurate is estimated revenue in YouTube Analytics?

Estimated revenue for every month fluctuates because it is subject to some factors. Usually, your finalized earnings will be shown in your AdSense account.


How to make YouTube videos without showing my face?

You don’t want to reveal your face may be because you are not comfortable being visible in public spaces or for some other reason, nevertheless, it is possible to grow your channel without necessarily having to show your face.

This could be by focusing your content on compilation videos, using animations, doing voice-overs etc.


Can I see YouTube Analytics for unlisted videos?

The number of views and other metrics do not count for unlisted or private videos. If you want them to count, you have to make the videos public.


Can I view other channels’ YouTube Analytics?

Maybe you want to make a comparison between your channel and another, it is possible to view the statistics for another YouTube channel. Doing this requires you to download third-party apps like viralstat.




Understanding YouTube Analytics can help you optimize and upgrade your YouTube channel.

Although you won’t get personalized viewer information because that is not necessary, you will get enough aggregate statistics that can help you to refine your content strategy and grow your YouTube channel.


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