How to Fix Access Data Not Showing on Instagram

The norm for Instagram users who wish to get access to their data and download these data is to do so from the Access Data column which is located under the Data and History section on their Security page.

However, in the last couple of months, people have been having issues making use of the access data feature in the platform.

This is because many persons are having problems with the access data feature not being visible.

Access Data Not Showing on Instagram

To provide a solution to this, going through this guide will help as the cause of the current situation will be explained in the guide as well as the remedy to the situation.


What is Access Data on Instagram?

The Access Data on Instagram is the section on the platform that allows users to see all the activities that have been carried out on the platform.

The details of all that is done on the platform like visual content uploaded, comments made, accounts followed, pictures and videos of other Instagram users liked etc. are documented and can be accessed in the access data section.

This section is found in Settings under the Data and History of an account.

With the Access Data feature, users could easily download the data file containing all they have been up to on Instagram.

If you have tried to make use of this feature in the last few months, you will have noticed that it is not available.

Read further to know why this feature has not been accessible to you and what you can do about it.


Why is Access Data Option Not Showing on Instagram?

From the early part of the year, people have complained about not being able to make use of the Access Data option on Instagram.

So, if you feel that there is something wrong with your mobile device and application, that is not accurate.

This problem is a generalized one.

As many persons who try to make use of this feature are facing the same problem and the reason for this is simple; Instagram has changed the location of the feature.

Instead of the feature being available under the Data and History section of the Settings of your account as Access Data, it is now available as Download your information under the Your Activity section in your profile section.

The Your Activity feature does not function in the exact similarity as the Data and History feature.


Your Activity Feature on Instagram

Your Activity allows you to manage the activities you perform on the platform.

You can archive posts and uploads; you can delete the visual contents you uploaded like your photos, videos, reels; you can manage your interactions like the comments you make etc.

From this feature, you can also access contents that were recently deleted and get data by downloading them.

Access to your data is now enabled by the Download your information option that is present in the Your Activity section.

It is safe to say that the Access Data function has been replaced with the Download your information function on Instagram.


How to Fix Access Data Not Showing on Instagram?

The Access Data feature has been replaced by the Download your information feature.

You can access your data on Instagram by downloading the data from the Your Activity section.

Given that this is a new feature, you are probably not aware of how to use the feature.

You do not have to be worried, just follow the detailed steps below to get your data downloaded and access the information that you need.


Step 1: Launch your Instagram profile

The first step is to open your profile page.

  • To access your profile, you have to launch the Instagram platform.
  • You can do so by opening the Instagram application or going to the official Instagram website and logging in with your account details.
  • When you have launched the application, you can then access the profile icon.
  • Move down to the bottom of the page and you will find the icon with your profile picture to the right.
  • Press the icon to launch your Instagram profile.


Step 2: Open Your Activity

  • After launching your profile, the next step is to navigate to the Your Activity section.
  • To do this, you have to first launch the menu page.
  • Find the menu icon on the upper side of the profile page. The icon is symbolized by lines that are arranged in a vertical order.
  • Launch the menu icon to open the menu page.
  • Afterwards, locate the Your Activity section on the menu page and tap on the section to have it opened.


Step 3: Launch the Download your information page

  • On the Your Activity page, you will find a lot of options.
  • Move to the bottom part of the page to locate the Download your information option.
  • When you find it, select the option to open the Download Your Information page.


Step 4: Request to access your data via download

  • Once the Download your Information page is opened, you will find the Request Download option on the page.
  • Press the request button to send a request to Instagram to provide a means for you to download your data and access the information you are interested in.

Note: It may take Instagram about 48 hours to respond to your request.

After the said time (give or take), you will receive a response via mail with a forwarded link that provides you access to your data.

The norm is that your email should be automated if it were the contact option you used in signing up for your account.

If it is not, you can manually fill it in the email column so that you can provide an account for the response email to be sent to.


An Alternative Method to Access Your Instagram Data

If you do not wish to use the above means to download your data, you can get it via another means.

There is a web-based provision made for you to access your Instagram data.

Follow the steps below to make use of this method.

  1. Launch your web browser and go to Instagram’s official website and search for the data access tool, then, follow the promptings to access your data.
  2. Another way to do this is to press or input the link below to go directly to the access data page:
  3. Follow the instructions to access your Instagram data.


Access Data Not Showing on Instagram FAQs


Why is access data option not showing on my Instagram account?

The reason is that Instagram made an update to the Instagram platform and changed the location of the Access Data option.

This is why you can no longer access the option in its usual location under the Data and History section.


Where is access data on Instagram’s new update?

The Access Data feature made it possible for users to get access to the details of their Instagram activities.

In the recent update of the platform, the introduced feature that has a similar function to that of the Access Data feature is the Download your Information feature that is found in the Your Activity section on the Profile menu page.




The change in location of the Access Data feature is not very popular among Instagram users.

This is because Instagram has not been very loud about it either.

You can access your files and information on Instagram by making use of the Download Your Information feature that is available under the Your Activity section which is found on the menu page of your profile.


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