7 Best Ways to Make Money on Tumblr

Tumblr is a great platform for creatives. When you own an account on Tumblr, you are given a Tumblelog which is like owning a normal blog.

You can then add as many pages as you would want to your Tumblr blog and publish your content.

In addition to the normal of owning an account on Tumblr and making use of it to release content is the fact that you can earn from Tumblr either actively or passively.

Make Money on Tumblr

Tumblr, just like other social networking platforms has made it possible for creators to make money while using the Tumblr platform.

Here, you will find some ways you can earn money if you are an active user of Tumblr.


Reasons to Use Tumblr

There are a couple of reasons to use Tumblr to make money online.


Ease of Navigation

Tumblr has an interface that is easy to make use of.

This makes relating with other users and making use of the platform to make posts a simple walk-in-the-park experience for its users.

Given its ease of navigation, remaining active and earning on the platform is made easier.


Social Media Marketing

Tumblr is a platform that gives SMEs a good opportunity to increase their revenue by making use of platform for marketing.

As a business brand, you can own and dedicate a blog to your business. You do not have to put up long posts as short posts are enabled on Tumblr.

Other reasons that make Tumblr a good space to make use of include:

  1. Tumblr gives you the autonomy of building your blog and choosing the themes you would want to use.
  2. There is a lot of content on Tumblr that is of high quality and very rich. These contents can serve as very good inspiration to you as a creative.
  3. The platform allows you to share posts from other social media accounts with your Tumblr audience. You can share published content from Facebook, Instagram etc.
  4. Tumblr is a user-friendly platform that permits you to own as many blogs as you wish without the need for a blog name.
  5. You can implement ads yourself and have them displayed on your page and ads available on the platform are not intrusive making it easier to navigate through the platform.
  6. Tumblr is a simple and easy-to-use platform that does not demand special technical know-how from its users before they can operate and maximize the platform.


How to Make Money on Tumblr

As a creative on Tumblr, you do not want to pass up the opportunity to be able to make good revenue from your Tumblr account.

Learn the different ways you can make money on Tumblr that will be shared below.


There are proficient advertising networks you can sign up for that will pay you for every ad clicked on your blog.

You can sign up to ads company such as Google AdSense, Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads etc.

Each of these companies has its monetization regulation, so, you will have to go through their policies and decide which of these networks will serve you best.

When you sign up for ads, you permit ad networks to promote people’s brands on your post and you get paid for any ad that a visitor to your blog clicks.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a good way of making passive income.

You can grant visibility to other people’s businesses and earn from anyone who patronizes such businesses on account of you.

In a bid to monetize your account on Tumblr, it is important to not abuse affiliate links and make your blog look very cluttered.

You need good content and engagements to be able to earn from Tumblr. So, it is important that you pay attention to making your account of good quality while making use of it to generate revenue.

In addition to this, Tumblr can place a ban on your account if you abuse affiliate link inclusion in your account.

Partnering with other brands to drive sales is a good way to make money on Tumblr.


If you own a brand, then, Tumblr is a good place to drive up your sales influx.

You can market your business, and refer people to your other social media account that you can earn from like your YouTube handle if you own one.

At the end of the day, if you have good marketing or advertising strategy, you will generate more revenue for your business courtesy of your Tumblr account.


Travel Blog Content

You can create a blog and dedicate it to releasing travel content.

You can sign up for an affiliate program so that you can redirect people to good travel spaces and get paid for each visitor that makes use of a travel agency you redirected them to.

You can generate good travel content as well by creating your travel niche and giving people value as it regards tourism and other travel decisions.

Product Reviews

You do not need to do affiliate marketing or any form of monetization with ads to be able to make money on Tumblr.

If you have a good eye for books and can create awesome feedback for books, videos etc. then, you can try out writing reviews.

You can decide what type of review blog you wish to own and generate good review content of other people’s work.

Bear in mind that you will have to keep to the policy that governs review writing and you will need to generate a good amount of web traffic to earn authority in that area to be able to generate a good amount of money from reviews.


Selling Your Ad Space

If you own an ad space that you do not intend to use permanently, you can make room for other business brands to enhance their visibility and get monetized as a result.

You will have to do this in form of a partnership with the brands but only after you have an ads space configured and submitted to permit this sort of partnership.

You get to decide what works for you in terms of monetization by striking a good term of agreement with the brands you intend to work with.

Make sure you settle for brands that are in sync with what your blog represents.

Sales of Tumblr Themes

If you have a very creative imagination, you can generate top-notch theme ideas and have them sold to other Tumblr users.

You will need to create something outstanding to be able to convince people to patronize your theme provision services.


Teach Others Tumblr Usage and Maximization

When you have been able to carve a niche for yourself on Tumblr and earn authority as an expert in maximizing the Tumblr platform, you can teach others how to do the same and make money from it.


How to Make Money on Tumblr FAQs


How much money can you make on Tumblr?

The amount of money you can make as a creative on Tumblr is dependent on the kind of monetizable activities you are willing to undertake on the platform.

To be able to earn a good amount of money on the platform, you must have built a large audience and employed different means of monetizing your Tumblr account.


How many followers on Tumblr do I need to make money?

Tumblr does not operate like other social media handles where you need a particular number of followers for your account to be monetizable.

All you need is a good number of followers of which 500 is a good place to start and a good monetization strategy.




To be able to monetize your Tumblr account, you have to maintain consistency on the Tumblr platform.

One way to do this is to ensure that you have an active status on the platform.

You will only be able to earn the trust of people on the platform if you have stuck around for a while and provided good value on the space to stand as out as an expert on the platform.

Create a unique brand to give you the needed distinction from your competitors. Learning from others who have done pretty well in the space will help to equip you to do very well.

Make use of Keywords, hashtags etc. to help with the visibility of your brand and increase your audience and your revenue as well.


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