How to Make Money Online in USA

Making money online has become easier than it was a decade ago. With a computer and source of internet, you can make thousands of dollars online from the comfort of your home.

The best part of it is that you can live your best life, work from any part of the world and make money online.

This article details the 21 proven ways to make money online in the USA.

How to make money online in USA

Do not skip any of these proven ways, they work, and you can be sure to make thousands of dollars on a monthly basis or even daily with these methods.


How to Make Money Online in USA


1. Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants in the United States of America, make a lot of money online. So, if you search for ways to make money online, I’m confident that virtual assistants will be one of the top results. So it makes number one on our list today.

You might be wondering why. The digital age has come to stay and becoming a virtual assistant is no longer a new thing.

After the pandemic of 2020, a lot of businesses have understood that there is a possibility to work from home, still getting the job done.

Working from home also saves costs for employers and employees as well. So this method ranks as one of the best ways to make money online in the USA.

So, how do I get started earning money online as a virtual assistant and what will I need to do?

It’s quite simple. Firstly, understand that a virtual assistant helps with things like responding to and answering emails over the internet. Engaging in social media responses, email clean-ups, etc.

A virtual assistant could also run and supervise social media adverts etc. There is a lot more a virtual assistant can do, to mention just a few.

Virtual assistants are available with different skills that make them unique to their employers. To stand out as a virtual employee you must have certain skills

You should be able to get started if you have a laptop or computer, a good internet connection, and some personal skills such as good literacy, typing, and organizational skills.


2. Become a Proofreader

Consider learning how to get paid to proofread if you’re looking for new ways to make money online but are tired of the same old stuff. Another great way to make money from home is to simply use your computer and proofread.

A lot of platforms and organizations that deal with a lot of content often have no idea they need proofreaders.

Pitch that to them, seeing that bots could be wrong and someone has to man and supervise the bots to extend professionalism in the mind of the readers.

Marketing proofreading skills is not just about marketing a skill to detect grammatical errors, but readability as well. 

Starting at the very beginning proofreading is somewhat difficult, I recommend creating profiles on sites such as or Upwork. You can then charge a low fee for your services, which will help you gain experience if you have none.

Unfortunately, many proofreading jobs require a college diploma; however, numerous free online courses can help you get a feel for proofreading and provide some background information.

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3. Become a Niche Blogger

When it comes to finding ways to make money online, blogging is one of the most popular options. Blogging is one of the more rewarding ways to make money at home, although it is not a quick or easy way to make money.

Now, notice the point reads “Become a niche blogger”. This is because blogging can be somewhat frustrating if not properly defined. 

Blogging for sure will not bring an immediate flow of cash, but with the right work and energy and of courses content, you can be sure to start making money in 6 months or more. 

How much money exactly can you make from blogging?

It depends on the amount of traffic you generate, and to generate traffic you need to put out well-optimized content that ranks on google for specific keywords. You need to know your niche and feed your readers.

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4. Become an Online English Teacher

To tutor English as an individual in the United States, you do not need a degree, etc. Really if you are English proficient, then teaching English is a legit killer way to make money online.

You just have to know how to get across to these individuals who are willing to pay to learn how to speak the language.


5. Become a Dropshipper

The profits in the business of dropshipping can draw in hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly if you get it right.

Dropshipping’s popularity is rapidly growing, demonstrating its viability as a way to make money online. 

Several residents of the United States make a lot of profit dropshipping. According to Cloudways, dropshipping is nowhere dead.

In eight weeks or less, you can make six figures selling just one product. But hey, it has to be the right product, right store, right content, etc.

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6. Start your Successful Podcast

If your podcast receives 10,000 downloads per episode, you can expect to earn between $500 and $900 in affiliate sales per episode.

The rise of audio content as a viable content marketing option is more pronounced than ever before. Podcasts are listened to by 32 percent of Americans monthly, which is the same number of people who attend church regularly.

On your podcast you run the show, you discuss topics you like, topics that interest you. You grow and build your audience, and of course, most importantly, you monetize.

How to monetize podcasts?

With ads and sponsorships, etc.

To start a successful podcast, you are going to need a podcast hosting service. This hosting service will distribute your stored files all over some major platforms such as iTunes, etc.


7. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular methods for earning money online. Its popularity has fluctuated over time, but it remains a reliable way to make money online.

Working as an affiliate for almost any company, from Shopify to Uber, there are over a thousand platforms to affiliate with. This is the best part about affiliate marketing. The flexibility.

To become successful at affiliate marketing, you must master the art. of content marketing. Content marketing works hand in hand with Affiliate marketing.

If you create a blog with several pages of high-quality content, it stays with you forever as yours.

Now here is the juice, let’s say an affiliate link no longer profits or sells, you can just switch to their competitor without recreating content. Easy as ABC.

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8. Create a Membership Website

If you have an audience that loves to see what you are all about, starting a membership website can be very profitable. 

There are numerous benefits that come with it. Despite being a sure way to make money online, it is also a passive stream of income. 

For those who are unfamiliar with membership websites, it is any website where content is exclusively reserved for anyone who pays to have access.


9. Own and Monetize a YouTube Channel

Have you seen the statistics? The amount of money that is made daily by these YouTubers?  If you have a thing for content, in any niche at all, you can be sure to make money from youtube in the USA.

The highest-paid YouTuber in the world is just 9 years old. Ryan Kaji (Ryan ToysReview), a nine-year-old YouTuber, was estimated to be the top-earning YouTuber in the world as of June 2020, with earnings of approximately 29.5 million US dollars over the measured period.

Despite this remarkable achievement, Ryan is not even the youngest member of the top-earning YouTubers. Anastasia Radzinskaya, who goes by the nickname Nastya on her various channels, is six years old and earned $18.5 million in the previous year.

What are your thoughts about these stats? Well, join these guys, make some money too.

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10. Freelancing

Did you know that over 58 million Americans are dropping regular businesses and opting to freelance? The question is why?

This is because freelancing is highly profitable. With a lot of online tutorials on several topics, a lot of persons are becoming more self-developed and putting the word out there that they have marketable skills.

Yes, the world is big enough for a billion freelancers. 

Do you have a skill?

This is one of the best methods we know you can utilize to make much more money than usual. 


How do you get more jobs as a freelancer?

According to a 2020 survey, roughly 46 percent of American freelancers who have participated in labor throughout the COVID-19 epidemic claimed that a past client is a key source of acquiring more freelance work. 

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11. Influencer Marketing

According to reports by CNBC, an influencer can make over $250,000.00 per brand if he or she has over a million followers. 

Making money online can also be aided by developing a personal brand.

Cristiano Ronaldo makes $975,000+ for every sponsored Instagram post made. This makes him the highest-paid influencer in the world. 

Now, the truth is while reality stars, singers, and athletes may appear to be the most powerful influencers, keep in mind that even you as a small influencer can now earn more money than they could a few years ago.

This is just the way the world works now, social media is the market, and influencers have the loudest voices.

Start building your social media accounts and profiles, start influencing. 


12. Become an Online Coach

In the United States of America, people are willing to pay for your time if you present yourself as a pro or an expert in a field that interests them.

Being an online coach or consultant is a fantastic method to generate money online because, rather than providing continual deliverables (like a freelancer does), you teach your clients how to be better, faster, and stronger than the competition.

Your knowledge becomes the item you’re selling. and are community-driven platforms that provide you with a network of potential clients as well as an integrated payment solution.


13. Create and Sell Online Courses

This is a very lucrative way to make money online. Your content can sell for years, generating income for you while you pay attention to other relevant things.

While creating, producing, and marketing an online course requires a significant amount of time and effort upfront, the profit potential is enormous.

Passive income is earned through courses and other knowledge items such as e-books. 

That simply means that after putting in the initial time and effort, with just a little regular upkeep and marketing, you’ll be able to sell and profit from them for months or years.

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14. Create and Publish an Ebook

Many people fantasize about learning how to create an eBook but never follow through.

Regardless, I’m confident you have experience and value to offer by writing a book. You may improve someone’s life and make good money online by packaging your talents and expertise into a downloadable eBook that helps people learn a skill, advance their jobs, or start a business.

To instantly sell PDF files (like an eBook) to your users, you’ll only need to use a simple application like Sellfy.

You may market ebooks in a variety of ways to generate money online. For the first few days, you can do a giveaway on your book.

This allows you to stay high in the search results for a while and gain some reviews, which helps you rank higher for targeted keywords, or paid listing, etc

More good news is, you can even publish your book on Amazon, one of the world’s largest book retailers.

You choose the price, own the rights to your book, and gain access to Amazon’s vast audience with Amazon self-publishing. You keep 70% of every sale, with Amazon keeping the remaining 30% as a charge.


15. Host Webinars

Hosting a webinar allows you to demonstrate your industry knowledge and expertise while also attracting an audience interested in learning more about your products and services.

They’re doing all of this only to listen to you speak about a specific topic — this establishes you as an expert before the webinar even begins!

This method can make you a lot of money while also referring useful products to your audience that will be beneficial to them…all without having to sell your product. It’s the equivalent of promoting affiliate links in a blog post.

You must first identify the product or services you wish to recommend to your audience and then prepare an appealing and persuasive presentation to give to them.

First, you need to know more about how you can start a webinar successfully.


16. Develop an App

Don’t get scared if you are not a developer, you can pay developers to create an app for you if you have a plan behind it. Listen, an application can generate income for many many years.

Can you imagine how much Inshot makes daily with all the advertisements you get to see as you use the app?

Yeah, it’s real.  Create an app or hire a developer from freelancing sites to create one for you.

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17. Become a Content Writer

In the United States, the competition to rank highly on google search results is relatively high. Now, content creation is required not just to rank on SERPs. But to sell as well. 

To this end, the need for content creators and writers will for a long time be on the high side. 

Learn the skill and freelance content creation. See results as you progress definitely.


18. Forex Trading

Is it possible to become wealthy through FX trading?

A lot of people ask the question. Our answer is yes.

However, rather than being an easy road to riches, forex trading may be a rocky road to massive losses and potential penury for the average retail trader.

So this means Forex trading is a sure way to make a lot of money online in the USA, but you must be tutored else, you’d end up losing more than you can imagine.


19. Start a Niche Store

Using Shopify or the like, you can start a beautiful online niche store. This niche store could be maybe, a TSHIRT branding store.

Where you just don’t sell T-shirts but brand them as well. The amount of profit to expect is very well dependent on the demand.

So whatever niche you choose to indulge, let it be very much reasonable and marketable for you and your prospects.

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20. Stream on Twitch

Surely you’ve heard of this platform. Starting as a game platform, its popularity is always on the increase.

Twitch has soon expanded to incorporate a variety of other forms of material. Now to make money on this platform you need the audience, you need to have a good number of followers.

With consistency, you can be sure to get that audience in no time and start making money off twitch.

Selling products, company sponsorships, fan donations, memberships, and Twitch adverts are all methods to monetize your Twitch channel.

To maximize your earnings as a Twitch streamer, you’ll want to concentrate on using all five monetization options. The good news is, if you do it right, Twitch has the potential to earn you more money than YouTube.


21. Sell your Pictures

Whether you’re a professional photographer or just enjoy shooting images in your spare time, selling your photos online may be a lucrative business – even if you don’t have a top-of-the-line camera.

You’re already equipped to make money online in the USA if you have a nice phone camera and a steady hand.

5 Websites to sell your photos

  • Alamy
  • Picfair
  • Eyem
  • Foap
  • Getty Images



Financial security is possible and can be achieved. With the above-proven ways to make money online in the USA, you can get some success for yourself utilizing any of the above ways to make more money online. 

We hope that these lists of ways to make money online help you get started.


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