How to Download Tumblr Video

Tumblr hosts about 470 million blogs that generate a lot of great content for its large population of users.

Just as there is a lot of text content made available on the platform, there is video content as well.

You will definitely find videos that are very appealing to you and may want to have the video downloaded and saved to your device.

Download Tumblr Video

How do you go about this?

Downloading videos on Tumblr may seem a bit complicated.

This is because the Tumblr platform does not have any feature that enables you to directly download any video of your choice.

This notwithstanding, videos can be downloaded on Tumblr and this article is going to explore the various methods of doing so.


Methods of Downloading Tumblr Videos


Third-party Software

To be able to download Tumblr videos directly from the Tumblr platform, you may need to employ the help of third-party applications.

Given that Tumblr does not enable videos to be downloaded directly from the platform, several applications and software have been created to make the downloading of Tumblr videos possible.

When you decide which of the apps to go for, have it downloaded and follow the instructions provided to set it up.

You can then select the video you wish to download and make use of the third-party app to have it downloaded.


Tumblr Video Downloader

It is understandable if you are sceptical about getting a third-party app. You do not have to.

You can make use of web-based Tumblr Video downloaders instead.

There are a number of options you can choose from and most of these downloaders are easy and free to make use of.

Go to the video you want to download and copy the link to the video.

Proceed to the selected Tumblr Video Downloader and paste the copied link.

Thereafter, you can choose the Download button to have the video downloaded.


Adding Tumblr Video Downloader Extensions to Chrome

Another way to easily download Tumblr videos from the Tumblr platform is to make use of video downloader extensions added to Google Chrome.

You can make use of the Plugin for Google Chrome to download videos on Tumblr.

With this, you do not need either a third-party application or a web-based application to have a video you want to be downloaded from Tumblr.


Mobile Apps for Downloading Tumblr Videos

There are mobile apps that are made available for you to able to download videos from Tumblr.

You may need to pay attention to the kind of mobile device that you own before choosing the mobile Tumblr Video that you will use.

Set up the app and use it to either download videos directly or manage your files.


Screen Recording Feature on Mobile Device

Most devices especially recent android and iOS devices are configured to permit the screen recording feature.

You can initiate the screen recording feature on your mobile device and play the Tumblr video from the Tumblr platform to have the video screen recorded.

When the video is done playing, you can stop the video recording and have it saved to your mobile device.

You can access the screen recorded video on the Screen Record section of your file manager afterwards.



  1. Videos that are not uploaded on Tumblr directly may not be open for download when you employ any of the above methods.
  2. Videos that are copyrighted are not to be downloaded without the permission of the copyright owner as this is termed illegal.


Best Tumblr Video Downloader

With the various video downloader options available for use, finding out the best option to go for might turn out to be a worry.

You can check out the reviews for any of the Tumblr video downloading apps you want to go for before making your pick.

There are suggestions for the Tumblr video downloader you should use depending on the kind of mobile device you are using based on popular opinion.

However, please kindly note that deciding to make use of any application is completely at your risk.

This, of course, does not mean that the apps are not mobile-friendly, it is only necessary to point out that these are external apps and one needs to be very careful with them.


Tumblr Video Downloader iPhone

To be able to download Tumblr videos with an iPhone mobile device, you can make use of a video downloading software called the Tyblr app.

Get it downloaded from your Apple Play store and configure it on your iPad or iPhone.

You can equally try a file manager called MyMedia that can help you view and download Tumblr videos directly on your iOS device.

For MyMedia, you will have to copy and paste the link to the video you wish to view or download to the download column and initiate the download process.

When the download is completed, you will be able to access the video you downloaded in the Recently Downloaded Videos section of your MyMedia file manager.


Tumblr Video Downloader Android

A notable Tumblr downloading suggestion for Android users is the Tumbloader.

This application has been used by thousands of users and has been reviewed to be a good choice to enable android devices to be able to download Tumblr videos.

All you have to do is launch your Tumblr application and select the Share option for the video you wish to download and make Tumbloader the option for sharing and select Download to be the action to be taken.


How to Download Tumblr Video FAQs


Can I save videos on Tumblr?

The Tumblr platform does not allow you to save videos and access them later.

If you are interested in viewing a video, you will have to directly watch the video on the platform.

However, you can make use of external apps and software to download videos on Tumblr.


Why do some videos fail to load on Tumblr?

If you are experiencing issues viewing videos on Tumblr, it can be as a result of different reasons.

You may be having difficulty loading your video because you have not permitted your Tumblr app to access videos.

Alter this by going to the Settings application, then, go to the apps section and enable permission for the Tumblr platform if this is the case.

Another reason can be that your Tumblr app is out of date or having problems.

Knowing what the problem with the app is will help you to know the right approach to managing the situation.

Your mobile device can equally be the problem. If your device is faulty, it can affect your browsing experience and make it difficult for videos to load on Tumblr.

Having a poor cellular data connection can disrupt the loading of the video as well.




There are a lot of creatives on Tumblr; hence, you will find a good number of awesome videos that you would want to save for later on your device.

For a new user of Tumblr, it does not feel good to have this made impossible by the Tumblr platform.

You do not need to feel limited anymore as you can easily employ different methods to download videos that you desire from the Tumblr platform.

You can make use of web-based Tumblr video downloader, third-party apps, Google Chrome extensions, mobile applications and even the recently added screen recording feature to iOS and Android devices.

However, ensure these videos are only being downloaded for personal use and if you need to download copyrighted videos, you can leverage the fact that you can relate with other Tumblr users to get permission for such videos.


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