How to Remove WhatsApp Stickers

WhatsApp stickers can be a beautiful addition to enhance the user experience of WhatsApp users.

But can be horrible if you mistakenly make an addition to the wrong kind of stickers or a #group of stickers you created yourself.

The above statement is only for a category of people.

Remove WhatsApp Stickers

Not everyone fancies the idea of WhatsApp stickers.

For some people, stickers on WhatsApp constitute a nuisance.

Whichever category you are in, if you need to remove stickers on WhatsApp, it is not a hard procedure to carry out.

You will find out in this article how you can remove a sticker or a group of stickers from WhatsApp.

In addition, you will also be finding out answers to questions that are frequently asked as far as the subject matter of WhatsApp stickers is concerned.


WhatsApp Emojis vs WhatsApp Stickers

The emoji has for the longest been a simple visual way of expressing one’s emotion on WhatsApp.

There are times when you may not find the perfect emoji to communicate what you feel in response to what someone said or to give a perfect expression of your current state.

To add to this is the limited number of emojis even with the recent inclusion of new emojis in the upgraded version of WhatsApp.

This is where the introduction of stickers on WhatsApp has come in handy.

The vastness of stickers and the fact that you can easily expand the number of stickers you have by downloading stickers that you find cool makes it easy to have a large number of stickers to perfectly communicate your thoughts.

Stickers are a cool informal way of relating with friends and acquaintances; it has a way of making conversations that could otherwise be formal and edgy feel more relaxed.

However, as with any other tool on WhatsApp, you may not feel comfortable with a group of stickers that you mistakenly downloaded or you made.

You may have had issues using a particular sticker with a friend and realized, you do not need the sticker anymore.

Either way, you can always remove a sticker or a group of stickers on WhatsApp just in case you are wondering.

So, let’s learn how to have the unwanted sticker problem fixed below.


How to Remove WhatsApp Stickers

In this guide, two ways of removing stickers will be examined.

The first involves removing the entire pack of stickers while the second method involves removing a single sticker from your favourites.


How to Remove a Whole Pack of Stickers

If you have a problem with a whole pack of stickers that you either downloaded or made, you can have the pack removed.

You do not need to start deleting the stickers one after the other.

As a matter of fact, removing a single sticker from a pack is not feasible.

You will have to delete the whole pack instead.

The steps below will serve as a guide for you to remove a whole pack of stickers.


Step 1: Launch the WhatsApp platform.

Independent of where and how you got the pack of stickers; even if it were a third-party application, to remove stickers you will have to do so from your WhatsApp application.

Either using the mobile application or the web version, launch the WhatsApp platform.


Step 2: Open a Chat

Once the platform is opened, locate a chat and launch the chat.

It does not matter the chat you open as you will not be sending out a message.

After opening the chat, tap the chat box as though you want to begin sending a text.

Tap on the emoji button by the side.

To your extreme right, locate the “+” button and press the button to be able to get access to the stickers.


Step 3: Access already existing stickers

As the sticker page is displayed, you can access all the stickers that are already existing in your account.

To do this, open “My Stickers” section by pressing the “My Sticker” button.


Step 4: Select the bundle/pack of sticker(s) to be removed

From the bundles of stickers available, select the one you wish to remove by pressing the bundle.

You will find the details of all the stickers available in the pack.


Step 5: Remove the pack of stickers selected

When you select the bundle or pack of stickers you wish to remove, press the Delete tab to remove the pack from your account.

If you go back and check your existing stickers you will not find the pack again.


How to Remove a Single Sticker from Favourite

In a situation where you are only interested in removing a single sticker, then, the process is quite different.

You have to first understand that you can only remove a single sticker from the Favourite section of your stickers.

This means that you are only permitted to remove singly stickers that were added to the account singly.

As a result, you cannot remove a single sticker from a bundle or pack of stickers.

To remove a single sticker from the Favourite section of your stickers, follow the steps below.


Step 1: Open your WhatsApp account

You can only carry out this process in your WhatsApp account, so, launch your WhatsApp using whatever means is most comfortable for you.


Step 2: Open any chat

Since you will not be sending or receiving anything, you can afford to launch any chat to carry out the procedure.


Step 3: Access your Favourite sticker

Go to the chat box as though you wish to create a text.

Select the emoji icon to open the emoji/sticker section.

Down the emoji page, select the sticker icon to open the sticker page.

Then, press the star icon to locate all the stickers that you have added to the Favourite section.


Step 4: Remove the single sticker from your Favourite

Now, that you are in the favourite section, you can search for the sticker that you wish to remove.

When you find it, tap and hold the sticker for some seconds.

From the options of actions that will be provided for you to select from, choose the “Remove from favourite” option.

The sticker will no longer be available in the favourite section.


How to Remove Whatsapp Stickers FAQs


Can I remove stickers from WhatsApp?

In WhatsApp, the removal of stickers is enabled.

If the need arises, you can remove a single sticker or a group of stickers.


How do you delete all stickers on WhatsApp?

To delete all your stickers from WhatsApp, you will have to access the sticker page and manually select the sticker bundles and single stickers and have them deleted one after the other.


How can I stop WhatsApp from auto-downloading stickers?

If you are having a problem with the automatic downloading of stickers, you can follow the steps below to have the problem fixed.

  1. Go to the app section of your mobile device.
  2. Locate the Settings application and launch the app.
  3. Select the General settings options.
  4. From the options in the General settings menu, choose Keyboard
  5. Scroll down to the end of the display page and disable the toggle that is close to Emoji Stickers.



If you have a problem with a sticker or and bundle of stickers in your WhatsApp, you can have it removed.

However, it is important to note that the process of removing stickers from your WhatsApp account is an irreversible one.

Once a pack of stickers is removed or a single sticker is removed from the favourite section, it will no longer be available except if it is downloaded again from a third-party app or gotten from its first source.


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