How to Delete WhatsApp Messages for Everyone After Time Limit

Some things are inevitable in life. This also happens in the online space, especially with messaging applications like WhatsApp.

You get so engrossed in what you are either listening to or watching and make a typo error.

Many times, it could be that – what you sent to a person, you didn’t mean to type and the time limit elapses. You can’t delete them anymore – the recipient is going to read them anyway.

Delete WhatsApp Messages for Everyone After Time Limit

But, deep down you wish you had found ways to delete some messages without them being read.

Most of us are guilty of this though. But, have you ever thought that there could be a way you can delete messages even after the time limit?

Technology has come a long way for us and different ways to do things keep springing up to do things in a way that has never been done before.

In this article, you are going to be learning how to delete WhatsApp messages for everyone after the time limit. I’m very sure you have been in such a mess before.

Then you realize that there is no way to go about it. You are going to be looking at ways to get it done even after the time limit.

This is one of the beauties of technology that one has to be grateful for.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

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Ways to Delete WhatsApp Messages for Everyone After Time Limit

The steps to getting your WhatsApp messages deleted are well detailed here for you to go through and try out.

It is important you know this without reading over and over again because there are times you might want to delete some messages urgently, and won’t be able to do so because you don’t have the information close to you.

The following ways are how you can delete WhatsApp messages for everyone even after the time limit has passed. These steps will guide you in making sure that you do the right things needed to do in deleting your messages on WhatsApp.


Takedown the Date and Time of the Message you Want to Delete

This is the first step to getting started. Before trying to delete a message from your WhatsApp, take down the date and time of the message you intend to delete.

Why this is important because it gives the system the exact information needed to act. Without doing this, you won’t be able to get to the next step of getting your messages deleted.

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Turn off WIFI or Mobile Data

This is the next step which is turning off your WIFI or mobile data.

A better way to do this is by going to your settings, and then turning off both mobile data and WIFI under your network connection.

Depending on the type of phone you are using, you can just go to quick settings to get it done. After this, go to your settings and perform the next thing which is what you have to do below.


Force Stop WhatsApp

Force close means deactivating a particular application from doing anything either in the front end or in the back end of the application.

After disabling your mobile data or WhatsApp from the recent app list. Go to settings, open up the app, and tap on force close WhatsApp.


Change Date and Time

The next step for you to do is to go to your date and time settings. Turn off your automatic date and time. You would need to do this carefully.

Now set the date and the time before the exact date and time of the message you want to delete.

This is getting interesting right? Now you are beginning to see where the trick is right?

Just make sure the time and date you are setting are before the message you want to delete. If you find it confusing to do, you could follow some instructions on where to find the change date settings.

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Delete the Message

Open your app, and select the message you intend to delete. Select the delete for everyone option and delete the message.

Before deleting the messages, make sure you verify the message you want to delete if it is correct before deleting.

I’m very sure that you would be wondering what follows next after everything. Once you have deleted the message you wish to delete, the next step you will follow is to reset your date and time.


Reset your Date and Time

Now you have followed the correct step from the top to this point which is resetting your date and time.

After deleting the messages, you intend to delete, go back to your settings and reset your date and time to the correct one – depending on the country you are in.

This will adjust your WhatsApp settings back to the current model.

This is a very simple and easy method to follow in deleting messages you do not want to be read by everyone on your WhatsApp. Though, it might be outlined like a long-detailed script. It is a simple step to follow.

Once it’s done, go to where your message is and check if it is still there. If you did things the right way, they will disappear. But if you are still seeing the message there, then it means there is something you didn’t do right.

Note: There are some essentials to be kept in mind though, WhatsApp won’t send you a message if it fails, and even after deleting the messages, depending on the device you are using, the messages could still be in the storage memory of your device.




You can delete WhatsApp messages for everyone a long time after you sent them. This can be achieved by making changes to your device’s time and date.

Then you can go back and return back to a time before it was sent to activate the “Delete for everyone” feature.

I hope that this guide helps you to delete WhatsApp messages for everyone after time limit.


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