How to See Someone’s New Followers on Instagram

You can always keep up with what is happening in the space of your favourite celebrity, family and friends on Instagram.

More than seeing the contents and stories of people you wish to check on, you can find out those they are following or those who follow them.

If you are very keen on keeping tabs on the most recent happenings in the space of your favourite people on Instagram, you may want to find out the latest follower they have or the latest persons that they are connecting with on Instagram.

see someone's new followers on Instagram

Doing this is not as easy as before due to the change in the presentation of the Following/Followers list on Instagram.

Before, you can be certain that the username that tops the Following/Followers list of an account you decided to check out is the most recent follower of the account.

Now, that’s no longer applicable as there has been a change from Instagram.

You can check the Followers list of an account twice at about the same time and find the users who follow the account differently arranged at each check.

Instagram no longer makes use of its former chronological arrangement of the Followers list where the most recent followers top the list.

How then can you check someone’s recent followers on Instagram?

Here, we will be exploring how to see recent followers on Instagram and applications that can enable you to monitor the activities of people on Instagram like a younger sibling or a child.


How to See Someone’s Recent Followers on Instagram

You can find persons that follow a particular account on Instagram by checking their profile using the mobile application or the Instagram web version.

A detailed approach to how to do this is shown below.


See Someone’s Instagram Followers Via Profile Using the App

You can make use of your mobile device to view the Followers list of an account on Instagram using the steps below.

  1. Go to the apps section of your mobile device and locate the Instagram mobile application.
  2. Launch the Instagram application.
  3. Search for the account whose followers you wish to see.
  4. Open the profile page of the account.
  5. Press the section of the account tagged Followers.
  6. The list of the Followers of the account will be displayed.


See Someone’s Instagram Followers Via Profile Using a Web Browser

To carry out the process of checking someone’s followers on Instagram using a desktop or PC is just a bit different from doing so using the mobile application.

The steps are as follows.

  1. With your web browser, enter the Instagram website
  2. On the login page, enter your Instagram account details and click on Login.
  3. On the homepage, enter the username of the account using the search box.
  4. From the results that will be displayed, open the profile of the account by clicking the username of the account.
  5. On the profile page, click on the Followers tab to find the list of people that are following the account.

With the recent development on Instagram where the Followers list of an account is not chronologically arranged, you will have to pay attention to the list at different times to see someone new that has been added to the list.

If you are checking the account of a younger friend or sibling, for instance, you can look out for new persons that are different from the ones that constituted the Followers list the last time you checked.

This is feasible in a situation where the user has a relatively small number of Followers.


Apps to See Someone’s Instagram New Follower

The method of seeing the recent followers of a user explained above can be tedious as it requires that you document the Followers list of an account every time you check it so that you can have a basis for comparison.

Then, manually checking out the difference between the last list and the current one is another labour altogether.

To make it easier, there are software/applications that can help you know the recent follower(s) an account you are interested in is having.

Two apps that can help you with the task of providing info about an account on Instagram are explored as you continue reading.


Snoopre Port

Snooper Port allows you to do a lot more than checking the recent followers of Instagram accounts that you are interested in.

You can keep track of what is happening in the account of about 100 users on Instagram.

You can be kept abreast with what an account is doing; whom they are interacting with, who just followed the account, whom they follow, post they like etc.

You can make use of the software directly from their website without having to install the application and you do not need to give details of your Instagram account to make use of the application.

To use Snoopreport to find out the recent follower of an account on Instagram, do the following.

  1. Go to
  2. Initiate the registration process by clicking on Get Started
  3. Provide the address of your email and your password, then, sign-up after agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  4. Click on Add Account and subscribe to a plan most comfortable for you.
  5. Make the necessary payments to activate the service.
  6. Add the account(s) you want to a tab to be kept on.

You will get reports from Snoopreport on weekly basis on the accounts that you have added up for monitoring.


KidsGuard Pro

The KidsGuard Pro is another software that can be of help in keeping you to terms with what is happening in an Instagram account, particularly that of a youngster.

The application was created to help parents and guardians monitor the activity of their children.

It functions very differently from the Snoopreport app as it is not centred on just keeping tabs on the Instagram activities of a young person but on a lot of other activities.

The KidsGuard Pro is a monitor app that allows you to be able to know what is happening in the world of your ward when you have the app configured to the device of the child.

You can monitor the child’s activities on Instagram which include the users the child interacts with frequently, the accounts that the child is following and those that follow the account of the child.

You need proximity to the mobile device of the person whose account you wish to monitor so that you can have the app configured on the device.

You have to set up your device to be able to monitor the other device as well.


See Someone’s New Followers on Instagram FAQs


Can you see someone’s new followers on Instagram?

Seeing the recent followers of an account on Instagram is possible.

However, with the change in the arrangement of the §Followers list where the list is no longer chronologically arranged, it is harder to access the most recent followers of an account.


How can you see someone’s recent followers on Instagram?

A manual method of seeing someone’s recent followers on Instagram is to document the former and the current Followers list of an account and do a comparison of the two to find out those that recently started to follow the account.

An alternative is to make use of monitoring apps that help you track the activities of an account.




You can keep track of who a friend, child, sibling or even favourite celebrity is connecting with on Instagram by checking out their recent followers.

While the chronological order of arranging the Followers list is no longer in play on Instagram, you can still find out the recent follower of an account using a conventional cross-checking method or by making use of monitor apps.


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