How to Add Location on Instagram Bio

The inclusion of location on your Instagram business page is a great marketing tool.

As a business owner, this can be a wonderful way of making people have access to your physical location using address-finding applications like Google Maps.

You can even include a clickable address to make it a lot easier for people to find you. Your Instagram bio is a column that can be used for this purpose.

Add Location on Instagram Bio

Now that you are aware of the possibility of including your location in your bio on Instagram, the question is on the “how” of making use of this feature on Instagram.

This article is aimed at guiding you on how to add your location to your Instagram bio.

By the end of this article, you will learn:

  • What Instagram location is.
  • How to add a location to a business account on Instagram.
  • How to add location in a creator or personal account on Instagram.

Instagram is a network that has helped a lot of businesses to flourish.

Anyone who knows how to maximize the Instagram space can make use of the platform to increase the revenue returns of their business greatly.

This is because there are wonderful and unique tools Instagram provides its users with that can all be employed to the advantage of business brands on Instagram.

One of such tool made available to scale up businesses on Instagram is the location tool.

Being able to add a location to your account on Instagram is a brilliant business visibility innovation of Instagram.


What is Instagram Location

The location feature is a feature specially enabled on Instagram business accounts.

This means that only people who own a business account on Instagram can make use of the location feature to make visible a physical point of contact.

If you own a creator or a personal account you may have to look for other ways to make your physical contact point visible on Instagram.

The option of swapping to a business account from a personal or creator’s account exists as well.

Instagram added this feature to business accounts only as it was perceived that only business accounts would be in need of publicly displaying their location.

The location feature is displayed with a blue hyperlink that shows a map that can guide people to the location displayed.


How to Add Location to Your Instagram Bio

Now that you are aware of the location feature, and you own a business account, how can you then add a location to your Instagram account?

The steps below will guide you on how to add a location to your Instagram account.


Step 1: Launch Your Instagram Profile

Open the Instagram platform by launching your Instagram application from your mobile device or launch the web version of the platform.

On your homepage, locate the profile icon and press the icon to open up your profile.


Step 2: Initiate Profile Editing

Now that your profile page has been opened, search for the Edit profile and select the option to commence the editing process.

Adding a location on Instagram is all about editing your profile to reflect a location for your account.


Step 3: Select the Contact Option

When you press the Edit profile button, the next thing to do is to select the Contact options from the menu of things to edit.


Step 4: Edit Business Address

Select Business address from the Contact options that are open to being edited.


Step 5: Add Location

Press the Add Location button that will be displayed.

Then, enter the details of the location.

You will need to add the street address, the city or town of the business including the Zip code of the area so that it can be displayed and accessible by people on Instagram.


Ways to Add Location to a Personal Account on Instagram

What happens if you do not own a business account but would want to add a location to your Instagram space?

The suggestion would be to swap your Instagram Personal or Creator account for a business account.

This may not work for you for personal reasons,  so, what do you do?

There are two methods that are explained below by which you can add a location to your Personal account.


Attach a Location Directly in Your Bio

You can make use of the bio section of your account to add a location to your Instagram account as a holder of a Personal account.

What you will have to do is to edit the bio section to add the details of your location that you will want to be visible.

This is not going to be similar to making use of the location feature and you will have to be creative around providing the necessary details and not have it look junky.

With that people would still be able to see your location and can relate with you further if they need to.


Use a Linktree

Another option that is available for you to explore with a Personal or Creator account is the “Link in Bio” option.

Instagram has made it possible for you to add one link to your bio section.

You can explore this to add a location link to your account.

Now, adding a location link may seem like a luxury you cannot afford if there is another link that you have to add and only one link is permitted to be added per time.

In this situation, Linktree can very well serve your purpose.

With Linktree, you do not have to sacrifice the link you want to add.

Just have a good landing page for the Linktree and you are good to go.


How to Add Location on Instagram Bio FAQs


Why can’t I add a location to my Instagram bio?

The location feature is a special feature that is enabled only for business accounts on Instagram.

Therefore, the main reason you may not be able to make use of the location feature is that the kind of account you operate is not a business account.

The personal or creator’s account does not support the inclusion of location in the user’s account as such you will find the location feature missing.

However, if you own a business account and you are having difficulty adding your location to your bio, then, you may want to check out other reasons.

It could be related to a poor internet connection, the state of the device you are using, and the functionality of your Instagram application.


How can I add my own location on Instagram?

If you operate a business account, you can make use of the location feature to add a location to your Instagram account.

If you operate a creator or personal account, then, make use of the bio section of your account to add your location.

You can include the location via a link in your bio or directly edit the bio section to reflect the physical location that you will want to be made visible to the public.




If you are a business brand on Instagram and you own a business account, then, the location feature is a great marketing tool you can make use of.

Accelerate your business reach by adding a clickable link in your location.

You can do this by making the text in the Location section of your account clickable.

That way, people can do a simple copy and paste of the location when employing the use of location finding software to access your business location physically as manually copying out your location texts may be stressful.

In addition to location, you can add other contact details such as email address, phone number etc.


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