Why Can’t I Post on My Instagram Story?

If you use Instagram a lot, you will know that it is not just a mere social media application for sharing your latest pictures or video clips.

It has transformed into becoming an everyday thing we cannot do without – making it a way of life for everyone.

Instagram has become a household name in our world today which has become a global village for everyone to share, connect and interact either for business or personal reasons.

why can't I post on my Instagram story

From advertising to finding connections with old-time friends, Instagram is an application that everyone can’t do without.

Some companies have been able to set up a stronghold on this social media platform and it has generated millions in revenue because of how rewarding this platform is in generating engagements.

But one issue people keep on facing is the problem of not being able to post on Instagram stories.

There are so many reasons why you can’t post on your Instagram stories which would be discussed in this article.

This can be very frustrating for many users as there are some things you might want to do as regards engagement with your audience, but unable to do so.

There are ways to fix these problems which shall be discussed below.

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Why Can’t I Post on My Instagram Story?

Before looking at how you can fix your Instagram story problems, it is important to understand the reasons why you can’t post on Instagram stories.

Below are the following reasons why you might be experiencing errors with uploading your Instagram stories.

  • Account type
  • Sharing permission withheld
  • Instagram glitches
  • Having multiple Instagram accounts
  • Updating to the latest version


Account Type

If you are unable to share your story, one thing you need to figure out is the type of account you are using.

Either you are operating a private account or a public account.

If you operate a private account, the add post to story button would be missing because it is only available to public account holders. You will need to enable the feature if you do intend to switch to a public account if you use a private one.


Sharing Permission Withheld

Another reason why you might be facing issues with uploading your stories is the fact that your sharing permission could be withheld from the settings in your app.

Go to your app settings to find out if you withheld your permission sharing and reactivate.


Instagram Glitches

When you experiencing issues with not uploading your story. Sometimes, it could be some glitches on your Instagram app.

It is always important to update your Instagram application whenever there is an update to be done.


Having Multiple Instagram Accounts

You could also be experiencing issues with uploading to your story when you have multiple accounts opened up on your app.

Restrict your account to one because this could be a possible reason why you find it hard to upload your story.


Running on Outdates Instagram App

Whenever you are having issues with uploading your Instagram stories, it could be that your app hasn’t been updated lately.

Always update your app to avoid issues with your app to perform better.

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How to Fix Your Instagram Stories Posting Problems

Though there could many more reasons why you can’t upload your Instagram stories.

Not to worry, the following guidelines will give you a preview on how to restore your stories on Instagram not uploading.

They are;

  • Reset your sharing toggle
  • Uninstall your Instagram application
  • Clear Cache
  • Report the problem
  • Reset your Internet connection
  • Update your Instagram app, date, and time
  • Delete and re-upload the story

So let’s dive deeper into why you can’t share post to story Instagram.


Reset Your Sharing Toggle

Resetting your sharing toggle allows you to fix the problem you might be having with your Instagram stories. To fix this using this method,

  • Open the Instagram app and click on your profile
  • Click the menu icon on the right corner
  • Go to your settings and click on the privacy button
  • Navigate to story, then “toggle”, and click on the “allow sharing to story” to disable it.
  • Restart your device to enable it again.


Uninstalling the Instagram Application

Another way to fix the errors with uploading your story is by uninstalling your Instagram application.

How do you do this? You uninstall your app and re-install it again this can fix your error problems pretty quickly. Don’t worry about your pictures or videos if they are going to be deleted.

They are safe when doing or using this method.

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Clear Cache

To use the clear cache, note that this method only works for Android users. So, to do this, just follow the following steps below to restore your app to normal.

  • Open “settings” and navigate to “apps and notifications”.
  • Tap on “Instagram” and click on “storage” and “clear cache”.
  • Retry posting to your story to know if it has been fixed


Report the Problem

Sometimes, these issues could be coming from them. So, you can always report the problem to the Instagram team, and they will have it sorted out in no time.

Though, it is likely to take some days to get it done. But it always comes back to its normal state after it gets looked into to figure out what has been going on with your application.


Reset Your Internet Connection

This is a common remedy to fixing your errors with uploading on your Instagram.

Sometimes, it could be that your internet connection is not well connected.

To do this, go to your internet settings and find out whether your connection is activated. This has always been a major reason for some issues.

But it is always been attributed to a bad and poor internet connection.

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Update Your Instagram App, Date, and Time

Glitches happen every time with applications on a mobile device. What can you do here? Update your Instagram application, set and adjust your time and date. This could be enough to fix any bugs that might be happening to your Instagram application.


Delete and Re-upload the Story

If you are having problems with your Instagram story uploads can always be fixed by trying this method. Delete and re-upload the story.

After doing this, close your Instagram application and re-open it to know if the story has been uploaded successfully. If it doesn’t work, try other methods that have been hinted at above.



Why Can’t I Post on my Instagram Story FAQs


Why is my Instagram story not uploading?

There are many reasons why your Instagram story is not uploading. It includes the following:

  • Outdated Instagram app
  • Instagram cache issue
  • Unhealthy internet connection etc.

Fixing these issues could resolve why you can’t share post to story Instagram.


How to fix Instagram story issues?

If you can’t send pictures on your Instagram story, you can fix it using any of the following methods below:

  • Reset your sharing toggle
  • Uninstall your Instagram application
  • Clear Cache
  • Report the problem
  • Reset your Internet connection
  • Update your Instagram app, date, and time
  • Delete and re-upload the story




There are lots of reasons why you may experience issues with uploading your story on Instagram.

But with the basic explanation in finding reasons and solutions in getting them fixed that has been pointed out above.

Following this guide on why can’t I post on my Instagram story, you should be able to fix your Instagram posting issues.


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