How To Block Someone From Seeing Your Story On Instagram

Instagram is a great social media platform with increasing popularity. As far as you’re active on this app, you’ll have followers and Instagram users you’re following.

But at the same time, you might need some privacy on the app for reasons best known to you. 

In case you aren’t comfortable with a particular person viewing your Instagram story and you’ve been wondering how you can block such a person from seeing your story on Instagram,  this content will serve as a guide. 

Block Someone From Seeing Your Story On Instagram

Fortunately, Instagram has made it possible to easily block someone from seeing your Instagram story. 

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How Can You Block Someone From Seeing Your Story on Instagram?

As mentioned earlier, this article will be an amazing guide to walk you through how to block someone from seeing your story on Instagram.

I’ll show you how to block someone from seeing your story on Instagram on both iOS and Android.


Navigate to Instagram Settings

First of all, you will have to click on the Settings icon that’s located at the top right-hand corner of your phone’s screen. You can find this icon just above your Instagram profile.

Once you tap on the icon, a menu will pop up. At the bottom of the menu, you’ll see the “Settings” option.


Go to Privacy

Once the page of your Instagram settings has been loaded, you’ll go ahead to click on the “Privacy” option.

Then click on “Story”. You can find this under the section for “interactions”.

The “Story” screen will come up.

Now this section gives you the option to hide your story from certain people you’ve decided to block from seeing your story on Instagram.

You’ll also have the “Close Friends option”. If you want to, you could also have maximum control over the Instagram users that can reply to your story and also if you’d like your stories to be shared or not.

However, in this case, our focus will be on how to block someone from being able to view your Instagram stories. That being the case, click on the “Hide story from” option.

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Select the Person(s) You Want to Block From Seeing your Story

Now, this is where you choose the person (s) you want to hide your stories.

After selecting the followers you want to block from seeing your story, simply click on the check box just beside their names.

You’ll need to apply the change by clicking on the arrow on the top left-hand corner of your screen.

Once you’ve successfully selected the person and made your changes saved, Instagram will show you the number of people you’ve blocked from seeing your story. And that’s just it. 

Guess what? From now henceforth, those people won’t be able to view your stories on Instagram and they also won’t even know whenever you get to upload new stories. That’s interesting, right?. And it’s also easy.


How To Block Someone From Seeing Your Story On Instagram FAQs


Will Anyone know if I’ve blocked them from viewing my Stories on Instagram?

The good news here is that Instagram will need to notify anyone that you blocked them from viewing your Instagram stories. It’s a NO.

That should be the least of your worries. Although I know it’s something that can likely get you worried.

But you can be assured that Instagram will never send notifications out to anyone you blocked or hid your stories from.

We all know that privacy on social media is key. And Instagram also respects that. 

On the other hand, he or she might get to know that you’ve been blocked from seeing your status if someone else mentions it.

For instance, “have you seen Favour’s story?”

“Really? No, I haven’t”.

“Oh well, she just uploaded a picture of her new house”.

“But why can’t I view her stories anymore? She must have blocked me from seeing her stories”.

And that’s how she will get to know that her friend blocked her from seeing her story.

What’s the hack here?

You have to be smart to know that if you want to block someone from seeing your Instagram stories, you also need to block all their close friends and relatives too.

I know that they aren’t the target and it’s just unfortunate that you have to do it. But blocking them will lessen the possibility of them ever getting to find out that they’ve been blocked from seeing your stories on Instagram.

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When I block someone from seeing my Instagram Story, what do they see?

Well, when you block someone from seeing your stories on Instagram, whatever you upload to your Instagram stories won’t be visible to them.

Nothing at all will be visible to them once you’ve successfully blocked them from viewing your story.

At the same time, you should also know that blocking someone on Instagram is different from blocking the person on Instagram.

On that account, the person will still have access to your Instagram profile and posts.


Why would someone hide their Instagram Story from me?

There are a good number of reasons why anyone would hide their Instagram stories from certain people. But the top on the list should be for privacy.

Maybe he or she isn’t just comfortable with you and your clique of friends in his or her space. Or some information about their whereabouts might want to be kept private and private and a particular set of people.

You really shouldn’t feel bad about it, everyone loves privacy sometimes. You might be unblocked to continue seeing their Instagram stories, and you might also not be unblocked.

It remains a probability. I might not know their main reason for blocking you from seeing their stories on Instagram, but then I  believe it’s solely for privacy reasons.




Lots of people post their day-to-day activities on their Instagram stories, their current locations, and almost every fun thing they do.

All of these make their Instagram stories so personal and they also have every right to choose who views their story and who doesn’t.

It all boils down to privacy. All things being equal, I hope this article has been able to put you on track and serve as a guide on how you can block someone from seeing your Instagram story.

You can now go ahead and block that person you were never comfortable with viewing your Instagram story. Don’t forget that he or she won’t be notified.

Do it the smart way. Good luck!


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