How to See Messenger Messages Without Seen

The norm is that a seen indicator is reflected when you read or see a message on Messenger.

There are times you may wish to boycott this.

You may not want a sender of a message on Messenger to know that you have checked their message.

See Messenger Messages Without Seen

If that is the case, there are ways to go around this to make it possible for you to see a message and not have it reflected that you have seen the message.

To learn more about this, read through this guide.


Message Statuses on Messenger

There are four different message status indicators on Instagram.

These indicators help you to know if your message has been delivered and received by the intended recipient.

Indicator 1: An empty circle when you send a message indicates that the message is still being sent.

Indicator 2: An empty circle with a check in the middle indicates that the message has been sent.

Indicator 3: A circle filled with blue colour is an indication that the message has been delivered.

Indicator 4: An icon of the profile picture of the recipient is an indication that the message has been viewed.

Now, to read a message and not have it reflect that you have done so, let’s explore how you can do this using different devices.


How to Read Messenger Messages Without Seen on iPhone

Three different ways to achieve the result of viewing a message on Messenger without the “Seen” indicator using an iPhone will be explained below.


Read Messages via Chats Preview

With an iPhone, you can do a preview of your chats by pressing and holding the chat.

This is possible with Messenger messages as with WhatsApp messages.

Doing this will allow you to view a message and not show that you have done so.

Here is how to do this in simple steps.

  • Launch the Messenger application on your iPhone.
  • Locate the chat you wish to view without Seen.
  • Press and hold unto the name of the sender of the message for a few seconds. A preview of all the unread messages sent by the user will be displayed. If you press the name without holding onto the name, the chat will open and it will be reflected that you have viewed the message.
  • You can check out the messages sent to you without getting the Seen indicator sent to the sender of the message.

Note that you can only view the messages that are displayed on the preview screen.

A long message will be cut and you will not be able to see everything.


Read Messages by Enabling Airplane Mode

You can use airplane mode to your advantage in checking out messages on Messenger without seen.

Enabling the airplane mode makes your device disconnected from all forms of network connection.

This way you can view the messages when the airplane mode is enabled and disable the mode afterwards.

It is best that you disable the mode after restarting your device.

This way you have cleared up the Messenger cache preventing any indication of your presence on Messenger.

You can either press your Home button (for older iPhone models) or swipe down your screen from the upper-right end of your screen.

Enable the airplane mode by tapping on it.

Follow the same procedure to disable airplane mode when you have finished reading the message and restarted your device.


Read Messages via Notifications

You can view messages from the notification panel of your iOS device.

Open your notifications and check through the messages from Messenger.

Be careful not to open the message by tapping the message.

You will have the message shortened if it is a long message.


How to Read Messenger Messages Without Seen on Android

The following are ways you can view messages from Messenger without Seen if you are using an Android device.


Read Messages by Enabling Airplane Mode

Just like the iPhone, you can make use of airplane mode to view messages without it reflecting as Seen.

The simple logic behind this is reading the message as though you are offline.

As far as the messages have loaded, you can enable airplane mode and view the messages offline.

Then, restart your Android device to clear the cache of your visit to the Messenger app to be on the safe side before disabling the airplane mode.


Read Messages from Notification

You can view messages without opening the Messenger application by sliding down your notification panel and viewing the message(s) from there.

This will not be possible if you have cleared out your notifications or have disabled your Messenger from notifications.

You will only see a part of a long message, not a full one though.


Read Messages via Facebook Desktop Version

You can log into your Messenger account using the desktop version by going to the official Facebook platform.

When you do so with your Android device, you can request a desktop site, this will open up the page as though you were using a desktop.

When this happens, you will find a chat box that will show you messages that have been sent to you without you opening the message section.

Avoid opening the messages by being careful not to tap the message.


How to Read Messenger Messages Without Seen on PC

Even though you make use of a computer to access your messages on Messenger, there are ways that you can still view messages on the platform without seen.


Read Messages Using Facebook Web

You can view a message as an update when you log into the Facebook platform using your browser.

From the chat notification box on the home page, you can view the messages sent to you without the sender of the message getting a Seen notification so far you do not open the messages by clicking on them.


Read Messages Using Chrome Extensions

You can add a chrome extension to your browser that allows you to view Messenger messages without it reflecting that you have.

An example of such extensions is Unseen for Facebook.

You will have to activate the extension by configuring your browser settings.

Before making use of these extensions to check messages on Messenger it is advisable to do a test run as these extensions may not be efficient all the time.


See Messenger Messages Without Seen FAQs


Is there a way to check Messenger messages without them knowing?

Yes, irrespective of the device you are using, there are ways to check for messages on Messenger without the sender being aware.

You can make use of the chat preview option if you use an iPhone.

With both iPhones and Android devices, you can read your messages from the notification section of your device.

You can equally make use of airplane mode to read your messages under the guise of being offline and it will not be reflected that you did.

With your PC, you can view messages as an update from the notification chat box when you log into the Facebook platform.


How do you see Messenger messages without opening Messenger?

If you make use of the method of checking your Messenger messages by viewing them through your notification panel, you will not have to open the Messenger application to achieve this.




A lot of people believe it to be rude when you view their messages and do not respond to them.

If you cannot afford to respond to messages sent by certain users on Messenger, then, there are two options; either you do not bother reading the message at all or make use of different tools to view the message in a way that it will not be indicated to the sender that you have.

Tools like the notification panel, chat preview feature for iPhones, airplane mode for mobile devices, and chrome extensions for PCs can help you achieve the option of reading messages on Messenger without Seen.


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