How to Fix Messenger Black Screen

The last thing you want to see when you go over to your Facebook Messenger application is a black or transparent screen on messenger.

This is an issue that has been reported to be a bit common with users of the Facebook Messenger application.

What do you do if you are caught up in such a situation?

Messenger Black Screen

This guide is the perfect read for you if you are interested in learning how to fix the Messenger black screen problem.

To learn exactly what to do about the situation, we will start with understanding the different factors that can influence the Messenger black screen problem.


What Can Cause a Messenger Black Screen Problem?


Cookies Settings

Facebook just like other websites makes use of cookies to provide data and aid the ease of your navigation through the Messenger platform.

If you have permitted too many cookies from other foreign websites and have a build of cookies in your device storage especially when you are out of storage space, you slow down the functionality of your Messenger app.

A black screen problem is made possible under this condition.


Unstable Internet Connection

An unstable and poor or wavering network makes it possible for you to have issues in the Messenger platform.

Loading your data and having the messenger app running effectively is hugely dependent on a good network connection.

So, if your network is bad, it can be the reason for the Messenger black screen.


Inappropriate Chrome Extensions

If you make use of the Chrome web browser and have installed some inappropriate extensions on the browser, it can affect you when you make use of this browser to log into your Messenger account.

Inappropriate extensions affect the efficiency of the browser and this can in turn affect the output you get from Messenger.

A black screen on Messenger can be a result of installing inappropriate extensions on your Chrome browser.


Incompatible Hardware

If the device you are using to navigate through Messenger is not compatible with the operation it is being used for, then, you will have hitches.

A Messenger black screen is one of such issue that you can encounter.


Outdated Browser

Making use of an out-of-date browser can be a big issue as a junky and bug-filled browser will not be a good tool to check your Messenger platform.

If your browser is outdated, different errors can pop up as a result.

You can have a Messenger black screen as a result of using an outdated browser.


Outdated Messenger Application

Just as you can have Messenger black screen issues using an outdated browser, you can have similar issues using an outdated application.

Mobile apps can easily have software glitches hence the reason that they are constantly being updated.

If your Messenger application is outdated, you can suffer different errors one of which is the Messenger black screen.


How to Fix Messenger Black Screen?

Let’s find out different things you can do to fix the Messenger black screen problem you are experiencing.


Messenger Re-login

A simple trick you can start with to handle the situation is to have your web browser refreshed and re-login into your Messenger application.

Follow the steps below to carry out the two actions.

  1. Go to your browser’s settings.
  2. Look for the saved password or search for the account using the search bar.
  3. Press the account lists.
  4. Navigate to Facebook and have your browser refreshed.
  5. Log into your Messenger account again using your details.

Use Incognito Mode

Your normal browsing mode may have issues.

You can try making use of the Incognito mode to log into your account and see if there will be a difference.

At the top of your browsing page, to the right in most cases, search for an icon of three dots and press the icon to open up different options.

Select the New Incognito Mode option and make use of it to log into your Messenger account.

If the issue is with your regular browsing mode, the black screen problem will be fixed.


Manage Extension Problems

Managing your extensions will resolve the black screen issue if it is arising because of inappropriate extensions installation.

You can disable your extensions instead of deleting them by following the steps below.

  1. Launch your browser and look for the Manage Extensions option located in the upper right part of the screen.
  2. Disable all the extensions you feel you should disable by making use of the toggle close to each extension.
  3. Have your browser refreshed and go to your Messenger page and have that refreshed too.
  4. You can check your Messenger to see if the issue has been resolved.


Clear Messenger Browser Cookies

Using Chrome, you can clear out the Messenger browser cookies by going to the More tools section of the browser and selecting the Clear browsing data feature.

Set the time frame for the deletion to be All time to make the process successful.

Check the boxes that read Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files, then, proceed to select the Clear Data tab.


Try a Different Web Browser

You can try to make use of another web browser to access your Messenger page.

If the browser is the cause of the black screen problem, it will be resolved if you made use of a different browser to go to your Messenger page.


Reboot your Device/PC

Restart the device you are using to access the Messenger platform.

This will help to clear some glitches.

Just choose to either turn off the device and switch it back on or choose the restart option.

Afterwards, go over to your Messenger account to check if the black screen has been cleared.


Get the Latest Version of the Application

Update your Messenger application to ensure that it is running smoothly.

Go to your mobile apps store to get the latest version of the app and retry opening your Messenger account page using the new and updated Messenger application.

This can resolve the black screen issue you are facing.


Update the OS of Your Device

If the Operating System of your device is outdated it will make it difficult for you to make use of the device and have a smooth browsing experience.

It will serve you well to update the Operating System of your device.

Then, you can try out checking your Messenger account again to see if the problem has been fixed.


Contact Facebook Help Desk

At a point where you feel you need external help, do well to reach out to the Facebook/Messenger customer care or help desk.

Make a report of the situation and you will get helpful suggestions on what to do.


How to Fix Messenger Black Screen FAQs


Why did my Messenger screen turn black?

Several reasons exist why your Messenger screen turned black.

However, all of them boil down to your app, your device, and your browser.

Check through all three to find out what is wrong.


How do I update my Messenger app?

To update your Messenger application, go to your App store, use the search bar and type in the Messenger application.

It will pop up with the option of having it updated.




There are other ways to handle the Messenger black screen problem like clearing up your Messenger cache if you are an Android user, resetting your browser etc.

No matter what the situation is, it can and will be fixed.

All you have to do is to be patient and take the time to know why your Messenger screen is black, then, you can proffer the needed solution.

You can refer to this guide to put you through it.


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