How to Send Anonymous Messages on Facebook

There are times when you may wish to pull the element of surprise and send a message to a friend anonymously.

In a more professional sense, you may wish to get reviews about a product or a thing and may want to send out the request for such a review anonymously.

Even the people you are reaching out to may want to send in their responses as anonymous.

Send Anonymous Messages on Facebook

A different scenario where you are in a group on Facebook and need to ask a question or make a post but would not want it to be obvious that it came from you may equally require you to send an anonymous message.

If you are in any position at all where you need to send a message on Facebook but do not have the luxury of informing the recipient that you are the sender, what do you do?

Read along and find the answer to the question.


Is it Safe to Send Anonymous Messages on Facebook?

Staying anonymous while sending a message on Facebook is simply about sending out a message in a way where the recipient of the message does not know that the message is from you.

Making use of dubious tools to achieve the result of sending messages anonymously on Facebook is something Facebook frowns at.

It is against the Facebook community policy and as such, all the pieces of information present in this article that may seem an encouragement to violate the code of the Facebook community are merely for illustrative purposes.

This article does not take responsibility for any illicit action carried out on the Facebook platform.

While you learn a way or two to send a message on Facebook as an anonymous, be sure that you are not making use of the premise to harass and bully people.

This is punishable by Facebook and depending on your location, it may be punishable by the law as well.

Having made the needed disclaimer, let’s check out how to send an anonymous message on Facebook.


How to Send Anonymous Message on Facebook


Fake Identity

To send a message to someone or people on Facebook where the user(s) do not know whom it is coming from, the first point of call for most users is to create a fake Facebook account.

This way, they will be using an identity that cannot be traced back to them and can achieve the result of staying anonymous.

You do not need to create a fake account on Facebook before sending an anonymous message to a Facebook user.

If you need to send an anonymous message on a business basis, then, you need to employ a level of professionality that you cannot achieve using a fake account.

Below, you are going to see a detailed stepwise approach on how to make use of a Facebook account to send messages to Facebook users anonymously.


How to Send Anonymous Messages to Facebook Users Using Email


Step 1: Visit the Facebook User’s Page

The first thing to do is to launch the Facebook platform and go to your Facebook account.

Make use of the search box to find the user you want to send an anonymous message.

When you enter the username of the account, suggestions for the account will appear as a result.

Select the one that is the name of the user to open their page.


Step 2: Copy the Username of the Account

Highlight the username of the account and use the Copy feature to copy the name.

Highlighting the name and pressing the Ctrl+C button if you are using a desktop or long pressing the username and selecting the copy option when it is highlighted if you are using a mobile device will copy the username.

It is best to copy the username than manually write it out so that it is accurate as sometimes, the characters in the username are not that of a formal name.


Step 3: Launch the Email Account You Want to Use

Open the email account that you want to use to send the anonymous message.

If you are not comfortable with your business account being responsible for the mail, the better option will be to use your business account.

It will increase the level of professionalism of the message and its authenticity too.


Step 4: Enter the Details of the Recipient

Go to the “To” section of the message page and paste the username that was copied from Facebook initially.

After doing so, ensure that you add the suffix “” to make sure the message is sent directly to the Facebook account of the recipient.


Step 5: Create the Message to be Sent

Make use of the subject box and create the message you intend to send to the user.

Take your time to compose a good message and ensure that the message has the basic elements of courtesy and politeness.


Step 6: Finalize the Process

When you are done composing the mail, press the Send button to forward the message directly to the Facebook account of the user.

Upon the next login of the user, your message will be seen if it was successfully sent.

However, the user will not be able to tell which Facebook user is responsible for the message since the message did not come from a Facebook account.


How Do I Post Anonymously in a Facebook Group?

Do you wish to make a post; ask a question, or give a response to an ongoing issue in a Facebook group you belong to anonymously?

Some messages are sensitive and you may not feel comfortable with sharing those messages and having the general public know the post came from you.

Facebook has made it possible for you to post anonymous messages in Facebook groups.

Follow the steps below to post anonymously in Facebook groups.

  1. Open the Menu section of your account by pressing the vertically-arranged horizontal lines that you will find in the upper right part of the homepage.
  2. Select Groups and under this column, tap on Your groups.
  3. Press the See more
  4. Select the create a post prompt.
  5. Select the Post anonymously
  6. Create the post.
  7. Press the Submit


How to Send Anonymous Messages on Facebook FAQs


Can I anonymously message someone on Facebook?

Sending an anonymous message to someone on Facebook is possible.

However, this feature is not enabled directly on the platform.

You have to learn a few tricks to be able to do so.


What is an anonymous message?

An anonymous message is a message that is sent in which the recipient does not know who sent the message because the details of the sender are vague or better put withheld.




To send messages anonymously, there are people who resort to creating a fake account and making use of the account to send out messages to other users on Facebook while hiding their identity.

To prevent Facebook from tracking their account and penalizing them, they make use of a VPN tool to hide their IP address.

You do not need to make use of this style to send anonymous messages on Facebook.

You can send a message to a Facebook user directly using an email.

You equally have the feature of making a post anonymously in a Facebook group.

Another thing you can try is to reach out to a friend on Facebook and have the person send a message to another user on your behalf while maintaining your identity as an anonymous.


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