Why is my TikTok Not Getting Views? How to Fix it

After creating and uploading your content on TikTok, what you look forward to is getting views.

It is perfectly normal to be worried that your content is not getting the kind of views you would want it to get.

It is of greater concern if your content has been getting a good amount of views and all of a sudden there is a decline in the number of views for your content.

TikTok Not Getting Views

Whether you fit into the first or the second category, the lurking question in your mind; why is my TikTok not getting any views will be answered in this article as you read further.

In addition, you will be provided with a solution to each of the causes explained in this write-up.


Why is My TikTok Not Getting Views?

There are different reasons why your TikTok account isn’t getting views. The reason could be any of the following:


Your TikTok Account is New

When you create a new account in TikTok, it is very normal to not have a lot of views when you upload content.

This is because people are not familiar with your content yet.

It takes a while before your content is indexed by the TikTok algorithm as a result your content will not be forwarded to TikTok’s For You Page.


Solution: Give It Time

As a new user of the TikTok space, it is necessary to be patient if you wish to grow your audience.

As much as you can actively strive to have a large audience in a short period, you will still need to wait a while for people to get used to you.


The Nature of Your Content is Reducing Views

The nature of your content can either serve to reduce or increase the number of views you get.

If you are generating sensitive content, this can affect your views on the negative.

Contents that can frighten your audience and make them uncomfortable are sensitive.

This can include creating gruesome and scary videos.

If you equally generate mundane, boring and unexciting content, you can lose your audience over time.

Once the rate of engagement for your content becomes low, TikTok can bring down your content and not reflect it on the For You page of the platform.

The comment section for your content is a good place to find out if your audience finds your content exciting.


Solution: Create Exciting and Viewer-Friendly

If you want to capture your audience and retain their attention, you have to learn to generate contents that are viewer-friendly and exciting.

To do this, you will have to be innovative and creative to be able to produce good and new contents that will be appreciated by your viewers while making sure that these contents are not offensive.


The Duration of Your TikToks is not Encouraging

Generating TikTok content that is too short can discourage your audience from viewing your videos.

Creating very short videos of 3-5 seconds can affect the viewership of your videos as the TikTok algorithm might reduce your count.


Solution: Generate Longer TikTok Videos

To fix this situation, the simple solution is to increase the length of your TikTok videos.

Creating longer TikTok videos that are good and interesting will increase your viewership base.

If you increase your videos to about 17-19 seconds which is the standard time for TikTok videos, the current TikTok algorithm will favour your video.


Improper Spacing of Your Published Contents

As much as it is important to be consistent with publishing content and producing a lot of content, posting too many videos at a time can reduce the number of views that you get per video.

This is because the audience has too many options to choose from and the chances that they will be meticulous enough to view all the many videos you have put out is slim and close to zero.


Solution: Create a Balance

It is necessary that you maintain a balance as it regards posting content.

Do not settle for little content at the same time do not overwhelm your audience.

Having a posting schedule will help you to maintain a steady flow of release of your content.


Creating Generic and Untrendy Contents

Producing the same kind of content as other TikTokers in your niche will make it easy for your audience to disregard your content.

Generic content will end up with fewer views as time goes by.

Another mistake is not studying demographics when deciding what kind of content to create.

People can resonate more with trends, so, going for content that are completely out-of-trend can come off as boring.


Solution: Create Unique Contents

You will stand out if you create unique contents that are in sync with trends.


An Algorithm Change from TikTok

If there is a change in the algorithm of the platform and your video comes off short and is not in tune with the updated codes of the algorithm, there can be a drop in the number of views your content gets.


Solution: Pay Attention to the Recent Changes

Check out the changes that have been made and take note of them.

Then, ensure that you create contents that are in tune with these changes.


Not Adding Descriptions to Your Contents

Some TikTokers are not aware of the usefulness of adding descriptions to their videos, as such, they create content and post them without adding descriptions to the content created.

This affects the number of persons that can view these videos as descriptions help videos appear in results when people search for content that is relevant to their niche.


Solution: Add Description to Contents.

While posting your content, add a description to the video.

Include relevant keywords to optimize the content and use hashtags if you can.


Wrong Time of Posting

Making posts at a time when people are less active on TikTok will reduce the number of people who get to view the content that is posted.

By the time people are active, since contents are constantly being pumped into the platform, yours will have gone down feed making room for more recent content.


Solution: Post Contents at the Right Time

The early hours of the morning and late in the evenings are the best time to post content on TikTok.

During the weekend, you can stretch the morning time up to 10 am and sometimes more and the evening can as well be stretched into the night.


Your TikTok Account is Shadow Banned

TikTok shadow bans accounts that violate TikTok’s TOS.

When an account is shadow banned, it will not reflect in hashtag results.

You can check if your account is shadowbanned by checking if your account is reflected in the result section when you search for hashtags.


Solution: Avoid Getting Shadow Banned

Ensure that you keep to TikTok’s content codes so that you do not get shadow banned.

You can send a message to TikTok’s help desk stating your case if you have been shadow banned.

A troubleshooting trick you can use is to restart your device, log out, then, log into your account, switch to a Pro account, and delete all contents that violate the code of the platform before switching to your former account type.


TikTok Not Getting Views FAQs


Why are my TikTok views suddenly dropping?

Different things can lead to your views dropping on TikTok.

Primarily, the nature of your content can cause a drop in your views.

If you are creating content that is unexciting, sensitive, untrendy, generic and violates the content creation code of TikTok, these can play out negatively on your audience and reduce the number of views you will be getting.

A change in the TikTok algorithm as well as posting content at the wrong time can reduce the number of views you will get.


Does rewatching a TikTok count as a view?

Yes, it does.

On TikTok, if a viewer watches a video over and over again, it all will count as different views.

Even if it is a result of autoplay, it will still count as a new view.




Two outstanding things that can greatly reduce your view and your audience on TikTok are; lacking a sense of uniqueness and being inconsistent with creating content especially if you are quite new to the platform.

In addition to doing many other things, it is important that you create contents that are exciting, viewer-friendly and unique whilst maintaining the Terms of Service of TikTok.

However, generating content once in a while will not serve you well if you intend to grow your audience.

You must learn to be consistent with generating and posting your content to increase your viewers.


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