TikTok vs TikTok Lite: Which is Better?

With the introduction of TikTok lite in addition to the already existing TikTok app, you may be a little at loss as to which of the two to settle for.

The question lurking in your mind may be which is better of the two means of networking on the TikTok platform.

What should influence your choice will be which of the two would serve you better.

TikTok vs TikTok Lite

To be able to find out if you should go for either the regular TikTok app or the lite version of the app, it is best to juxtapose the two.

In this guide, the differences between the TikTok app and the TikTok lite will be examined.


Is TikTok Better than TikTok Lite?

The notion that one of these two is better than the other, is not so accurate.

This is because each of these two platforms made available for TikTokers and potential TikTok users to utilize the TikTok network are made suitable for different situations.

There are both distinct in their way.

So, all you have to do is to decide which of them would be best for you depending on what you hope to achieve on TikTok and the resources you have at your disposal.

Now, let’s get started, shall we?


TikTok vs TikTok Lite

To give you a good understanding of the two platforms to influence the right choice of which to go for, let’s examine different aspects of the two TikTok application versions.



The overall idea of having the lite version of any application is to cut down on its storage consumption.

The TikTok lite version is created to suit users with smaller storage space on the device they use in navigating and making use of the platform.

To achieve this, the TikTok lite houses considerably fewer features and can hold a smaller volume of cache in comparison to the regular TikTok app.

In summary, the TikTok app consumes more storage than the TikTok lite version.

If you use a device with a smaller ROM space, you may want to go for the TikTok lite version instead of the regular TikTok app.


Battery Usage

The two versions of the TikTok app allow you to watch video playbacks.

This makes the amount of battery consumed for a particular period for both the regular TikTok application and the TikTok lite application relatively the same.


Interface and Load Time

The interface of the TikTok lite is very similar to that of the regular TikTok app.

At a glance, you may not be able to tell the difference except you are very accustomed to the distinction between the two, one of which is the icons of the two versions.

However, the similarity in the interface of the two versions, and their load time are not the same.

The regular TikTok app tends to load faster under normal circumstances as compared to the TikTok lite version.

Since the TikTok lite was configured to take less storage space, it is selective of different actions that it allows its users to carry out on the platform.

As a result, loading lags can be a thing if a person is making use of TikTok lite.

This means that the TikTok lite has a slower load time when compared with the TikTok app.


Data Consumption

Given the fact that the TikTok lite is meant to reduce the amount of storage consumed and is selective of the kind of actions it permits on the TikTok platform, it would definitely consume less amount of data than the regular TikTok app.

This may be a good thing if you are looking for which of the version allows you to consume less data but would not be best for you if you intend to do a lot on TikTok.


Options Available

The regular TikTok app is fully packed with a lot of options to make your experience on TikTok worthwhile.

To reduce space and cellular data consumption, the TikTok lite is stripped of a good number of features.

The options available on the TikTok lite are less than that made available to users who decide to make use of the regular TikTok app.

Certain privacy options are non-existent on the TikTok lite version and this includes the absence of various visual content creation tools and uploading options.

For a person who wants to maximize the creator space on TikTok and build a prominent visual content brand, the TikTok lite version will not be a very good option.


Profile and Settings

The settings of the regular TikTok app are closely similar to its lite version.

However, this is with the exclusion of certain privacy options that are not available on the TikTok version.

Every other thing is pretty much the same including the outlook of the Profile of both the TikTok lite and the regular TikTok app.

So, if you are being sceptical about choosing any of the two versions because of their settings and profile look, then, there will pretty much be no difference if you go for any of the two.


TikTok vs TikTok Lite FAQs


TikTok and TikTok Lite, which is better?

There is really none of the two models of the TikTok app that is better than the other.

It is only a matter of which of them would best serve you depending on what you want to do.

If you need an app that allows you to access and enjoy visual content created on the TikTok platform and not necessarily consume space, then, the TikTok lite would be a better option for you.

However, should you want to exist on the TikTok platform and grow your audience as a creator, then, you may have to consider going for the regular TikTok app.

The TikTok app would offer you more options as a creator.


Does TikTok Lite use less mobile data?

In comparison to the regular TikTok app, the TikTok lite was created to be more data-friendly.

So, the TikTok lite consumes less mobile or cellular data when you compare the usage time between the two apps.

It achieves this by being a bit selective of the actions it permits a user to make use of while navigating through the TikTok platform.


Does TikTok Lite pay?

There are various ways you can be monetized or earned from the TikTok lite.

Though it is a form of a mini version of the original TikTok app, it is still configured to permit monetization.




As an individual interested in making use of TikTok, you do not have to be pressured by the decision of choosing between using the regular TikTok app or the TikTok lite.

The major thing you need to understand is that the TikTok lite is configured to give you a close feel and experience while using the TikTok platform as you would be getting if you were using the regular TikTok app.

The TikTok lite version tries to create this near-regular TikTok app experience while providing the luxury of reduced data consumption and reduced storage space consumption.

This would mean that if you need the version of the TikTok app that will best serve you with the intention of being more of a passive user on TikTok, then, the lite version is a better option for you.

However, if you intend to be an active user of the TikTok platform, especially as a creator, then, you will need the full package that the regular TikTok app provides.


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