How to Make Money on TikTok Without Showing Your Face

You are most likely aware that you can make money from the TikTok space.

Perhaps you want to try it out but you are not sure of what you will be doing in the network to make money.

The norm seems to be video creation and for you, that’s a big “No” because you are not the type of person who is comfortable with doing videos and showing your face to the public.

Make Money on TikTok Without Showing Your Face

There is good news for you; you can make money from TikTok without showing your face!

How then can you make money on TikTok without showing your face?

This article has got you covered.

Find out from here what you would be most comfortable doing and making money from without showing your face.

We’ll begin by looking at the things you need to put in place to be able to monetize your TikTok account.

Afterwards, you will be getting content ideas that you can use in promoting your account and gaining the audience you need to be able to make good revenue from your TikTok account.


How to Make Money on TikTok Without Showing Your Face


TikTok Creator Fund

TikTok creators can generate a lot of money from making videos and uploading them to the TikTok space.

Before you decide to become a partaker of the TikTok Creator fund, you will have to acquaint yourself with all that is required of a creator to monetize their account.

This will define your goals and help you know what you are working towards.

You can check the criteria from the TikTok official page.

In addition to their criteria, also learn the codes and guidelines for producing monetizable content.

When you have made up your mind about making money through this route, it is important that you decide the niche that is most comfortable for you.

When making this decision, remember that you are not going to be showing your face on camera.

After choosing your niche, decide to produce original contents or content that are permissible under the fair use policy and ensure that the content you produce is consistent with your niche.

You will be able to build your audience if you are consistent with a particular genre of content.


Affiliate Marketing

To increase your revenue, you can decide to provide publicity for the services and goods being provided by other brands and earn a cut from whoever patronizes the brand courtesy of you.

All you need to do is study the demographics around affiliate marketing and come up with your marketing strategy.

Ensure that the brands that you affiliate with are in synchrony with what your niche represents.

It will be more rewarding if you settle for the promotion of services that are relatable to the kind of content you produce.

For instance, if you teach people how to make quick meals on your page, becoming a cooking utensils affiliate is a good combination.


TikTok Ads

TikTok ads are a good way of generating revenue both actively and even passively online.

After building your audience, you can decide to give businesses a wide visibility reach by doing ads for them and promoting ads on your page and getting paid for it.

You can reach out to brands if you are yet to become a renowned Influencer who will have brands come looking for you.

Pitch what you can offer and negotiate your price.

Do not overdo it on the ads as you need to maintain your audience to be able to make money in the long run.

If the ads are too much, you risk losing your followers.


TikTok Content Ideas Without Showing Face

Now, let’s see the different kinds of content you can create without necessarily showing your face on camera.


Do-It-Yourself Videos

You can create and build an audience by teaching them how to recreate something that you can create very well.

Your face does not have to be seen as you break down in steps how to do something you are skilled at.

A simple catering video is an example of something you can create if you are culinary skilled.


Image-Text Videos with Music Effects

A simple style of videos you can create and build a great followership base if you can be innovative is creating videos with images and texts with good music in the background.

Decide what kind of content you want to release, then, get good pictures and the texts that serve as the explanation for the pictures and add either an original sound or royalty-free sounds for music effects.



Are you a lover of sports and one who is well acquainted with the sports world?

Then, you have a good niche to create videos on without displaying your face in front of the camera.

You can give sports reviews, sports tips and every other thing you feel most comfortable doing as far as sports is concerned.

This is a space to create content that will yield a very interactive audience.



For a person who travels a lot, you can create short travel vlogs, showing people places you have visited, giving tips on things to do or not do in different travel locations.

Also, offering travel suggestions under different circumstances is a great content idea that does not need your face being shown.

You can partner with travel agencies to become an affiliate marketer of their services.


Product Reviews

You can decide to review products and give people enough information to make well-informed decisions about the product they want to go for.

Try and be unbiased when creating product reviews.

You can show your audience the unboxing of the product and the products that you are reviewing without showing your face.


Curated Content

You can make use of other people’s videos that you feel are great videos.

However, because TikTok takes copyright very seriously, you will have to give credit to the authors of the videos, add a voice-over and comment or react to the videos.

Also, including sounds that are original or are free of royalties to make the video become original and monetizable.


Arts and Crafts

Are they things you are skilled at and love to do?

You can create them and have the process covered without showing your face and have it uploaded on your TikTok page.

If you are creative about this, you can create amazing contents that will have your audience always looking forward to your videos.


Life Hacks

You can decide to teach people how to handle different things you feel you are equipped to provide pieces of advice on.

For example, you can teach students how to read and assimilate faster and subject retaining tips.



Everyone needs a good laugh.

You can make use of this to build a good audience by providing funny videos that will serve as tension for the public.


Tips to go Viral on TikTok



To build a good creator brand and strong followership base, you will have to earn the trust of your audience.

One way to do this is to be consistent in producing content.

The more your content, the higher your revenue-generation opportunities.


Time for Making Posts

TikTok is moat active late in the evening into late in the night and early hours of the morning.

It is best to make posts at the time of the day when the platform is most active.


Content Optimization (Keywords and Hashtags)

Research the relevant keywords for your videos and make use of hashtags to promote the visibility of your videos and subsequently, your views.


Make Money on TikTok Without Showing Your Face FAQs


How many views do you need to make money on TikTok?

While there is no written standard for the number of views you need to get ads and sponsorship opportunities, about 3 million views is a good place to start.


How much money do you make on TikTok from getting 1 million likes?

This will be dependent on a number of factors, but on average, you can earn about $1000 from a video that has a million views and above.



You can make good money from your TikTok account without having to show the public your face if you are not comfortable with being in front of the camera.

Decide the kind of videos you wish to create and stay consistent in producing your videos and ensure that the videos created are in line with the content codes of TikTok.


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