How to Cancel Numerade Subscription 2022

You do not have to continue with the subscription to your Numerade account if you no longer need the services provided by the Numerade platform.

Cancelling a Numerade account is a simple process. In this article, you will find out how to put an end to a Numerade subscription when you need to.

Numerade is an educational learning platform that creates an interface between students and tutors worldwide. It is majorly targeted at high school students.

Cancel Numerade Subscription

Given the state of things during the most recent pandemic, Numerade decided to provide an effective way of delivering academic value to students. There are over a thousand videos aimed at addressing different subject topics on the platform.

Depending on the level of subscription to the platform, a user can have the privilege of asking questions and getting videos that answer the question asked.

As a user, you equally will get to relate with other students giving you a feel that is close to a classroom experience.

Anyone coming to the platform for the first time has access to a free trial for seven days after which the person has to subscribe to continue enjoying services from the platform with a better experience. The subscription can be monthly or annually.

All these notwithstanding, after signing into the platform and subscribing to its services, you can cancel the subscription at any time you feel you no longer need the services of the platform.

You can directly request the cancellation of your subscription to Numerade or delete your Numerade account altogether which will also put an end to your subscription as well.

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How to Cancel a Numerade Subscription

Unlike some other digital service-providing platforms, you do not have a particular subscription enabling or disabling the feature.

This means you cannot directly go to your Numerade account and click on a link or button to cancel your Numerade subscription.

How then can you cancel a subscription?

You have to submit a subscription cancellation request to the operators of the platform. The submitted request will be reviewed and you will receive feedback in relation to your request after a while.

Follow the steps below to submit a request to cancel your Numerade subscription.


Step 1: Open the Numerade Account you wish to cancel its subscription

Go to the Numerade website and open your Numerade account by providing the necessary details and logging into the account.


Step 2: Open the Profile

A homepage of the account will be displayed when you log into the account. On the upper right side of the page, you will find the profile icon. Click on the icon to open the profile.

Step 3: Go to the Billing Section

After clicking on the profile icon, from the options displayed, choose Billing to go to the Billing section of the account.


Step 4: Cancel the Subscription

Under Billing, select either to cancel the subscription or pause the subscription.

When you do this, a guideline for entering the required information and details to cancel a subscription or pause the subscription will be provided.

Follow the guideline to complete the process.

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How to Delete a Numerade Account

Another way to cancel a subscription is to delete a Numerade account. When your Numerade account is deleted, the subscription is stopped as well. If you are no longer in need of a Numerade account, you can have it deleted, hence, cancelling your Numerade subscription.

There are two ways to delete a Numerade account;

One is to make use of the email you use in registering the account.

The other is to make use of the Numerade website.


Delete a Numerade Account Using an Email

The following steps will help you delete a Numerade account using the email you used in registering the account.


Step 1: Launch your Email

Go to the relevant mail website or application. Open the Email or Gmail you used in opening an account with Numerade.


Step 2: Compose the Mail

Create an email content asking for your account to be deleted from the Numerade base including all other of your information that they have. Include your user identification details. For the subject, write “REQUEST FOR MY ACCOUNT TO BE DELETED”.


Step 3: Send the Email

After composing the content of the email and adding the subject of the email, you can forward the email to the Numerade email. The email address to use is [email protected].

The message will be reviewed and feedback will be sent to you.


Delete a Numerade Account Through a Website

You can request for your account to be deleted by going to the Numerade website. On the website, you will be required to fill in the relevant details to carry out this process.

The steps below will put you through how to go about this:


Step 1: Go to the Website

Launch your web browser and enter the Numerade website for managing an account. The web address of the website is Type it in the URL section of the browser.


Step 2: Put in Registration Details

A page will open requesting details such as your email address, your name (last and first name) etc. Ensure that the details entered are the same as the ones used while registering the Numerade account.


Step 3: Select the Management Option

The next thing to do is to enter the action you wish to be carried out in your account. Go to the Reason column of the page and select Subscription Management.


Step 4: Fill in the Box

Write the reason for requesting for your account to be deleted. Make sure what you have written is simple, precise and understandable.


Step 5: Submit the Request

When you are done, press Submit to have the request submitted.

A response to the request will be received after a couple of days.



How to Cancel Numerade Subscription FAQs


When I pause or cancel my Numerade subscription, what happens?

Requesting for your Numerade subscription to be paused or cancelled will not prevent you from owning an account with Numerade.

However, you will not be able to enjoy the services that your subscription covers.


Will I get a refund should I be debited for a subscription after I have requested a cancellation?

Numerade has a no refund policy.

In a situation where cancellation of subscription was applied for many days before the next subscription date, and it took longer than the normal duration for you to get positive feedback from Numerade, they take responsibility for the subscription, hence, you can get a refund.


What happens when I delete my Numerade account?

When you request for your Numerade account to be deleted, all your personal information will be wiped out from the Numerade database.

Notwithstanding, Numerade retains the right to make use of your content.



Owning a Numerade account can be useful to the extent to which you decide it to be.

If you get to a place where it is no longer relevant for you to make use of the services offered by Numerade, then, you can either pause or cancel your subscription to the platform.

Just make a request for your subscription to be cancelled and it will be reviewed and you will get feedback.

You can have the account deleted altogether if you deem it no longer necessary to own an account with Numerade.

Go to the Numerade website and request for your account to be deleted or send an email to Numerade to carry out the same action of deleting your account.


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