How to Delete Someone from WhatsApp Contact List

WhatsApp is such a great platform that enables us to communicate and keep in touch with our friends and family members. 

You don’t need to chat up all your contacts on WhatsApp.

For instance, someone with about 5,000 WhatsApp contacts cannot message all these contacts and still keep the communication going with all of them.

How To Delete Someone from WhatsApp Contact List

From the photographer that took photos of you a few months ago to the fashion designer, you are no longer in touch with. 

It’s the truth that you might not need all the contacts on your WhatsApp contact list. And blocking contact with someone that has done no wrong to you, is also not commendable. This is why most people prefer deleting the contact(s). 


Deleting vs Blocking Someone WhatsApp

Blocking your contact on WhatsApp will make the person not have any access to you, while on the other hand, deleting the contact does not completely make you antisocial. It’s such a good way to carefully filter your contact list, and do away with the numbers you think you don’t need.

A number you have deleted on WhatsApp can still send messages to you. The only restrictions might be not being able to view your status updates, profile picture, and last seen if they are only visible to your contacts and not to everyone.

At the same time, you don’t have to get worried because the person won’t be notified that you deleted his or her number from your WhatsApp contact list.

It’s a common thing for us to save numbers randomly, and I won’t call it a mistake because the contact(s) were useful to us at some point we needed it. Let’s say, for instance, you saved the contact of the guy that does deliveries and he probably saved your contact too. 

This means that he might end up on your WhatsApp contact list, and he’ll be able to view your status updates and your WhatsApp profile as well.

Did you want that? I guess your answer will be no.

Blocking such contact on Whatsapp might leave such a person with the realization of it, if he ever gets to send a message to you, that might never get delivered.

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How to Delete Someone from WhatsApp Contact List

Once you can delete the number of your target from your phone, the number will be automatically deleted from your WhatsApp contact list.

And also, if your last seen, profile photo, about,  and status were set to “my contacts” this means that the person will no longer be able to view your profile and status as soon as the number is being deleted.


What to do if the Deleted WhatsApp Contact Still Appears on Your List

In some cases, the contact you deleted from your address book might still appear on WhatsApp.  If this happens, all you need to do is to refresh your contacts from the settings tab on WhatsApp to easily reload the contacts you have.

Once that has been done, the contact will be deleted from your WhatsApp contact list as well.

WhatsApp does not have a known username system. The contacts on WhatsApp are linked directly with the numbers saved in your phone’s address book.

Without wasting so much of your time, there is absolutely no option on WhatsApp that gives the option to unfriend your contacts.

So the easiest way to go about the whole process is just by deleting the contact from your contact list. That’s not so difficult, right?

I think it’ll be very much necessary to let you know the challenges you might face after removing or deleting your WhatsApp contact (s). 

The steps below will guide you to know how to go about it on both Android and iPhone.

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How to Delete Someone from WhatsApp Contact List on Andriod

Step 1: Launch the WhatsApp app and click on the chat of the contact you want to delete.

Step 2: Tap the name of your contact at the top.

Step 3: Your target’s profile screen will appear. Click on the three-dot icon that’ll come up at the top and select the view in the address book.


How to Delete Someone from WhatsApp Contact List on iPhone

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and click on the contact you want to delete. On your chat screen, click on the contact name that appears on the top.

Step 2: On the screen that displays your contact info, tap on the edit option.

Step 3:  The “edit contact” screen will appear, tap on edit and then restart your phone. 

If you want to do this, you can go to the address book on your iPhone or Android and delete the contact(s) from there.

That way, the contact will be deleted from your WhatsApp contact list.

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Should You Delete WhatsApp Contacts?

I think deleting WhatsApp contacts might not go well with some people. Some people might get offended once they find out that you did away with their contacts. 

Except you want them out of your private space, then you can go ahead to delete them from your WhatsApp contact list.

At the same time, if you only want to delete them from WhatsApp and still have their numbers saved in your phone, you might then have to try other ways to avoid them on WhatsApp.

You can exclude them from viewing your WhatsApp status, or you could just turn off your read receipts.


What to do if You Don’t Want to Delete WhatsApp Contacts

One of the easiest options is just to block the person on WhatsApp.

Once the contact has been blocked, you won’t be able to reach out to them on WhatsApp anymore.

He or she will also lose access to you. Your profile photo, last seen and WhatsApp profile will no longer be visible to him or her.

You can’t receive or send messages to a blocked contact, so this means that they might figure out that they have been blocked. Because the messages they send to you will only have one tick instead of two.

Also, you shouldn’t be worried if the person will get notified about his or her contact being deleted. The person might get to discover it later, but WhatsApp will never notify anyone when their contact is deleted.



WhatsApp is a nice social media platform. But then it is still necessary that you learn how to delete and even block people on the app because there might be a need for it someday.

I guess we all love our privacy on WhatsApp, especially if you are not into an online business that probably needs you to have so many contacts.

Asides from that, I always want my WhatsApp to be my private social media platform with just a few contacts I need.


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