How to Fix ”You Have Been Temporarily Blocked from Performing this Action” on Messenger

If you get the error message “You have been temporarily blocked from performing this action” on Messenger when you try to send a message, you might not be able to send a message again until you fix the problem.

This issue can be very frustrating for users, especially when it happens frequently.

The reason for the message is because the person who blocked you might have blocked you for sending too many messages.

Facebook Messenger (a subsidiary of the original Facebook) was started to create chat with your friends on Facebook Messenger.

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It lets you chat with your Facebook friends, share pictures and videos, send money, and more.

Facebook Messenger has an incredible list of supported languages, and that is not including the other language services like Facebook Lite.

There are 111 languages from around the world on Messenger, including English, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, Korean, Russian, and French.

In this article, you’ll find solution to how to fix ”you have been temporarily blocked from performing this action” on messenger.

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Causes “You have Been Temporarily Blocked from performing this Action” on Messenger

There are many reasons why you have been temporarily blocked from performing this action on Messenger.
They include:
  • You may have been blocked by the user.
  • Using the outdated version of Messenger might also result to this.
  • You might have violated Facebook Messenger terms and condition.
  • Also, you might be sending message to someone that is not your friend.

How to Fix ”You Have Been Temporarily Blocked from Performing this Action” on Messenger

At this stage, you already know the possible reason why you get blocked temporarily from performing this action on Messenger.

It’s important to know that your restriction from Messenger won’t last forever. You may be locked out temporarily for a number of reasons, but your block will lift eventually.

It might last from few hours to about 21 days. You have to invest patience in resolving this issue.

The duration of the restriction is dependent on the compliance that you violated.

Below is how you can you are temporarily blocked from performing this action on Messenger error.


Only Send Messages to your Friends and Trusted Businesses

The Facebook Messenger app can be a useful communication tool but only if you use it carefully. You should only send messages to your friends or trusted businesses.

When you send unwanted messages to unknown contacts, they may report you, or Facebook could detect an increased volume of messages in a short period.

Messages to your friends or business partners are delivered in the same way as other messages. They will appear in your inbox as normal.

However, messages sent to contacts outside of Facebook that you don’t know well may be reported by those people. If you’re concerned about your reputation, we recommend not sending messages to people you don’t know very well.


Make Sure You Post or Send Relevant Content

Facebook has strict policies regarding what kind of content it allows on its platform.

Some of it can be shared freely, but most of it needs to be appropriate and in line with Facebook’s guidelines. If you see something you don’t think is right, simply report it.


Be Compliant With Facebook Community Standards 

Once your temporary block is over, you can finally resume using all of Messenger’s features. Just make sure you act responsibly and follow Facebook’s policy of use and community standards.

Facebook may block you from posting comments or even delete your profile if you continue to post spam. But this is how you avoid getting banned. Simply repeat the same actions over and over again and it won’t matter.

Here is the Facebook’s Community Standards and policy for your reference.




We all have times when we want to send a message but we receive an error saying “you have been temporarily blocked from performing this action”

Following the steps in this article, you should be able to fix this issue seamlessly and enjoy Messenger again.


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