How to Turn Off Video Call on Messenger App

With the innovation of being able to make or receive calls using the messenger app comes the problem of having to attend to unnecessary calls while surfing the net with the app.

This guide will put you through how to avoid being disturbed by video calls that are not scheduled.

The Facebook Messenger app has made direct communication between users more efficient. People can effortlessly send and receive direct messages using the Facebook Messenger app.

Turn Off Video Call on Messenger App

New features that are aimed at increasing an amazing user experience have been included in the Messanger app. Video and audio calls are now enabled in the messenger app.

This seems interesting! Indeed, being able to make and receive video calls on a messenger app is cool. But, this is not so all the time.

There are situations when you are not in the best position to receive a video call on messenger and you might want to prevent one from coming in.

You can find out how to do so in the steps provided in this article.

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How to Turn off  Video Call on Messenger App Via Website

You can make use of the Facebook website to turn off a video call with the use of your personal computer. The following steps can be used to achieve this.


Step 1: Open the Website

Launch your computer and go to to open the Facebook website. As the site is displayed, if it is not on the desktop site, request for it to be displayed in the desktop site format.


Step 2: Launch the Chat Page

At the base of the page displayed, click on the chat icon to launch it. A mini page will be displayed.


Step 3: Open Chat Setting

At the top part of the mini page (chat page) displayed, click on the settings icon to open it.


Step 4: Select Turn Off Video and Voice Calls

When you click on the Settings icon, the settings menu will appear. From the menu, click on the Turn Off Video and Voice Calls option.


Step 5: Select a Time Frame

A section with different time frame options will be shown. From the options, select the Until I Turn It On option except if you wish otherwise. Then you can either pick from the 1 Hour or 8 am options.


Step 6: Confirm the Process

The next thing to do is to click on “Disable” to confirm this process.

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Disabling Video Calls in Messenger Application Using a Mobile Phone

Directly on the Messenger app, you will not find a means to disable the video call feature. You can make use of the Settings application on your mobile phone to carry out the procedure of disabling video calls in the Messenger app.

Here is how to go about it.


Step 1: Open the settings application

Search for the settings application in your applications or tap on the Settings icon on your notification page to launch the settings application on your mobile phone.


Step 2: Open the Application Section Under Settings

After opening the Settings application, scroll to the application section in the Settings menu and tap on it.


Step 3: Select Manage Apps

The next thing to do is to select Manage Apps from the Application section. From the options in the section, search for and tap Manage Apps.


Step 4: Open the Messenger App

When you tap on Manage Apps, the applications on your mobile device will be displayed. Search for the Messenger app and tap on it to be able to configure certain things in the app.


Step 5: Configure the settings for the Messenger app

Select App Permission for the Messenger application. Once this is opened, disable permissions for the following; camera, telephone and microphone.

Disabling these three features will make a voice or video call impossible on the Messenger app.

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How to Mute Someone on Messenger App

Another way to prevent a person from giving you a video call is to mute the person. You can make use of this option in a situation where you do not wish to receive a call from a particular person.

Muting someone will not prevent you from receiving a call from others who are not muted. Follow the simple steps below to mute a person on the Messenger app.


Step 1: Launch the Messenger App

Tap on the Messenger app icon to launch the messenger application.


Step 2: Open the chat of the user to be muted

Search for the user you intend to mute and open the conversation box of the user by tapping on the user.


Step 3: Open  Profile Settings

At the top of the screen, tap on the profile icon which is symbolized by “i”.

This will open the profile settings that allow you to view and manage the relationship between the user and yourself. You can open this by tapping on the profile picture icon of the user to access the same features.


Step 4: Select Mute

Underneath the profile picture of the user, there are four icons. The last of the four options is Mute. Tap on it.


Step 5: Choose Duration for muting

A mini page with different duration options will be opened to you. Among the options, select “Until I turn it back on”. This will complete the muting process.

Note Muting function by silencing the notifications that you receive when a muted user calls. As such you will not get the alert of the call.

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How to Block a User on Messenger

The process of blocking someone is quite similar to that of muting.

The difference between the two is that blocking will not only make it impossible for a call to pull through, but it will also stop you from being able to chat with the blocked user.

If you wish to block a person on the Messenger app, the steps provided in this section will help you.


Step 1: Open the Messenger app

Go to your app and launch the Messenger app.


Step 2: Open the chat of the user to be blocked

Search for the user to be blocked and tap on the user to open the chat section.


Step 3: Go to user management

Tap on the profile picture or the “i” icon to open the page where you can manage and carry out several operations on the user.


Step 4: Select block and set where to do so.

Scroll down the displayed page and tap on the “Block feature”. You will be requested to select where you would like for the user to be blocked either in Messenger or on Facebook. Tap on whichever you choose.


Step 5: Confirm the process

You will be required to confirm the process with a pop-up notification. Press Ok at the end of the notification.

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Turn Off Video Call on Messenger App FAQs


Can you disable the video call feature on the Messenger app using your phone?

The video call feature can be disabled directly from your mobile device.

To do so, you will have to take the following steps;

  1. Go to your phone settings.
  2. Select applications.
  3. Tap on Manage Apps.
  4. Search for Messenger and tap on it.
  5. Open App Permissions.
  6. Disable permission for camera, microphone and telephone.

This will prevent you from using video calls until you grant permission to the three features that you’ve disabled.


What is the difference between blocking someone on Messenger and blocking someone from Facebook?

When you select the block on Messenger option while blocking a person, you will be able to relate with the person on the general Facebook platform.

Selecting block on Facebook will prevent you to have access to the person both on Messenger and on Facebook.




By going to the Facebook website, or directly on your mobile phone, you can turn off video calls on the Messenger app.

You can block or mute a person as well, thereby, denying the person access to a video call on Messenger. This way, you don’t need to face any discomfort video calls on Messenger can provide especially unsolicited calls.


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