Why Can’t I See Last Active on Facebook Messenger 2022

Why Can’t I see last active on Facebook Messenger? This is one of the most questions asked by Facebook users that want to know about Facebook user activities.

As we have it for WhatsApp where users are able to view last seen, you are able to check out last seen on Messenger. This feature helps you to determine if they have seen the message that you sent to them.

Perhaps someone checked their Facebook 15 minutes ago, it would display “active 15 m ago”. This shouldn’t be new to you if you have been using Messenger for a while now.

Once you open the chat with the user in question, you will see the last time they were active.

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To know that they are currently online on Facebook, you will see a green dot just beside the username. But then, what if you get to Facebook Messenger, and you see no activity status? You might be able to see the green dot that shows that they are online.

What happens when you can’t see the last seen when the Facebook user is not currently active.

In this article, we will walk you through the reason why you can see the last active on Facebook Messenger and how you can fix it.

Sounds good? Let’s get started.

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Why Can’t I See Last Active on Facebook Messenger

As the day goes by, there is more demand for improved privacy and security on Facebook. Recently in most Facebook groups, a lot of users are asking, “Why Can’t I See “Last Active” on Facebook Messenger?”

Some of the reasons why you can’t see last active on Facebook Messenger include:

  • It has been disabled by the Facebook user for everyone including yourself
  • You’re using an outdated version of Facebook Messenger
  • Bug on the Facebook Messenger software
  • Internet connectivity issues

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How to Fix “Last Active” Not Showing on Facebook Messenger

If you can’t see the last active on Facebook Messenger, there are certain actions that you can take to fix it. Based on the reason behind not last seen not showing, below are the ways to resolve it.


1. Enable the Active Status

One of the quick fixes to Facebook Messenger last active not showing it to turn on the active status feature. As stated above, one of the reasons could be that there was a bug making it very difficult to view others’ activity status on Facebook.

Proceed to check if the last seen status is activated. If you have your last active status turned off, you can’t see someone else’s activity status.

If you prevent others from seeing your activity status, you cannot see others last seen either. Therefore, ensure that your Facebook activities status is turned on.

Here’s how you can activate last seen on Facebook Messenger:

  • Open your Facebook Messenger app
  • Log in to your Facebook Messenger account (if you have not done that already)
  • Choose your account option
  • Click on “active status”
  • Proceed to turn on the Facebook Messenger “Active Status” if it’s turned off. Perhaps it’s not, go head to turn if off and on again.

This will have the issue resolved in almost all these cases.

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2. Log Out and Log In to Messenger

Another quick fix to Facebook Messenger not working is to log out and log in to your account again. This could be a bug that can just be resolved by refreshing your account through log out login tactics.

You can also go ahead to log out of your Facebook account and log in again to confirm that the issues are resolved.


3. Contact Facebook Support Team

If you have tried every recommendation above and the issue stills persist, you can go ahead to contact Facebook Support to help you resolve this issue.

They have the tools to fix the issues with your Facebook Messenger last active.




Following this guide on “Why can’t I see last seen on Facebook Messenger” you should be able to fix your Facebook Messenger last seen issues.


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